Republican Bruce Poliquin is a former state treasurer and businessman whose career began in Chicago and New York. At one investment company, Poliquin managed worker pension funds for employees of Bath Iron Works and International Paper.

During his tenure as state treasurer, Poliquin said he led an initiative to secure retirement benefits for Maine teachers and state employees.

Poliquin also said he worked with the Governor's Office to expand the use of natural gas throughout the state in factories, mills, schools, hospitals, office buildings and homes.

Born and raised in Waterville, Poliquin is a graduate of Harvard University and lives in Oakland. He has one son.

Poliquin is running against Democratic State Sen. Emily Cain and retired Navy captain Blaine Richardson, an Independent, for Rep. Michael Michaud's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Growing Maine's economy

Poliquin proposes growing the state's economy through a number of action items that include eliminating unnecessary regulations, lowering energy costs, ending Obamacare, stopping overspending, paying off the national debt, reducing taxes, and recruiting new businesses to the state.

More specifically, Poliquin says he will use his 35 years of owning and managing businesses, as well as creating jobs, to make Maine and the United States more competitive. To do that, Poliquin says he will end “wasteful” government overspending and reign in the national debt.

Health care

Poliquin believes the government should not take over the healthcare industry. Instead, Poliquin says he will promote competition between insurance companies to lower monthly premiums. As an alternative to Obamacare, he says families should be allowed to buy insurance policies across state lines, and small businesses should be permitted to purchase coverage as a group.

He indicated the cost of the private insurance could be paid for by expanding tax-free health savings accounts using federal tax credits.


Poliquin pledges to fight for federal block grants for Maine to care for the most at-risk families in the state.


If elected to Congress, Poliquin says he will fight for the federal government to assist U.S. companies with developing and transporting domestic energy in environmentally responsible ways. He also pledges to increase supplies to lower gasoline, diesel and heating oil prices; approve construction of the Keystone pipeline; and facilitate generation of hydroelectric and nuclear power.


Poliquin says he wants to encourage individuals and families to enter the United States legally, while further securing the border against illegal entry. He will also promote legal immigration by ensuring there are no unfair advantages for illegal immigrants and by welcoming immigrants with specific skill sets that will help to grow the U.S. economy.


Poliquin says he wants to ensure that salaries, training and equipment are fully funded for troops and that medical and retirement benefits for veterans are fully funded as well.