Chris Quimby, a licensed iDevice technician, recently working with Chris Downs at the Computer Room, has become part of the iCracked team, servicing smart phones that have become cracked and need repair.

Quimby notes he and Downs are not working as competitors but rather in tandem, as Quimby will be covering Belfast, Camden and Rockland, while Downs will be making repairs in the greater Bangor area.

"Peoples' mobile devices are very dear to them, and it's a great feeling to have a customer call in a panic, but be able to put a smile on their face when the job is complete," he said. "I also hope to honor the public's faith in the service industry by running an ethical and customer-centered business.

"In an age of declining customer service, I stand out as a personable and friendly tech whose greatest concern is to solve people's problems. All of my parts are lifetime-guaranteed from defect and I stand behind all of my work. I am willing to travel to my customers if necessary. I have lots of experience, having repaired hundreds of mobile devices in the last year."

Quimby noted he will speak with customers at a comfortable technical level, something he's learned in his many years of customer service.

"I have worked with a successful iTech for a year (referencing Chris Downs' Computer Room). I still work with him and will continue to, as we join forces to service a larger region of the state," he said.

Quimby repairs iPhones, iPads, iPad Touch and Samsung Galaxy. For more information about Quimby, or to order a repair visit, call 618-9576 or email