After making a brief appearance at Waldo County Medical Partners Family Medicine, the offices of Dr. Ben Mailloux and Joanne Moesswilde, the Let’s Go! 5210 “Get Our Kids Healthy” banner is now displayed above Waldo County General Hospital’s main entrance.

Waldo County General Hospital has partnered with the Portland based Let’s Go! program for the past five years and is the home base for Let’s Go! Waldo. The hospital’s two family practices and five Health Centers all participate in the Let’s Go! healthcare program.

The 5-2-1-0 message (5 or more fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of recreational screen time, at least 1 hour of physical activity and 0 sugary drinks a day) may sound simple but it is backed by science.

The 0 message is one of the most powerful. Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption has increased dramatically during the past 20 years and high intake is associated with overweight and obesity rates, diabetes and dental cavities. Sugar-sweetened drinks can be found everywhere, along with advertising for them. Let’s Go! is working to support healthy messaging, such as replacing sugar-sweetened drinks with water.

Highly sugared, salted and artificially flavored foods and drinks fuel the battle between mind and hunger. Highly processed foods are loaded with calories but lack real nourishment. The products fill stomachs briefly but rob the body of the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Highly processed foods also create cravings and cause overeating because of the missing nutrients.

Try a sparkling non-sugared water, try adding lemon or lime slices to water, even frozen berries create a new flavor for water without adding sugar or artificial flavors.

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