RSU-3 School Resource Officer Deputy Nick Oettinger presented a program called “Achieving Excellence” to sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students at Mount View Middle School.

Oettinger designed the program as a counter drug program that focuses on positive ways of experiencing a “rush” such as snowmobiling, sports and other healthy activities.

The interactive program began with Oettinger speaking about activities he is involved with. Oettinger then walked around the Performing Arts Center asking students in each grade what healthy activities they like most. Almost every child’s hand went up wanting to share what they like.

The presentation then showed how dangerous choices can prevent people from enjoying those activities ever again. The interactive presentation was well-received by the students and many of them asked for another presentation soon.

As students and staff entered the Performing Arts Center, they were greeted by rock 'n' roll music which had students and staff alike dancing and having fun.

This community-oriented presentation culminated in a standing ovation of staff and students after Oettinger said “Drugs are a community problem. We have to decide together that we are not going to put up with them in our school.”