It was Mainely Motorsports night on Saturday, May 16 at Wiscasset Speedway. Mainely Motorsports host Steve Perry was on hand and he greeted fans as they arrived, passed out t-shirts and goodie bags filled.

Perry also gave away bikes to 10 lucky children who participated in the Wiscasset Speedway Kid’s Club. The Kid’s Club is a weekly feature at the track.

On the agenda were the Group 1 division of racing, including Pro Stock, NAPA Super Street, Thunder 4s and New England Four-Cylinder Pro Stock. Also at the track was the national qualifier for the Amsoil Nelcar Legends.

The first crowd-pleaser was a 35-lap New England Four-Cylinder Pro Stock feature. Starting at the pole was Cody Billings. Behind him were John Shorey and Cameron Folsom. When green flag racing began, there was a mad rush for the front, and before the conclusion of lap one, Kamren Knowles had advanced to second. There was a caution during lap two, and on the ensuing restart, Knowles got a jump on the outside and took the lead. Following him was Jeff Prindall, who took second. Billings dropped to third.

Lap eleven saw Prindall take the lead briefly from Knowles, but Knowles and Prindall parted to travel around lap traffic, and Knowles again emerged as track leader. Knowles held off Prindall through lap 25, when Prindall spun while attempting a pass on the outside. Prindall recovered from the spin, but slipped to the back. Jacob Hendsbee moved to second and Craig Dunn to third.

Knowles kept his lead for the remainder of the race and took his second NE4CP win of the season. Hendsbee placed second and Dunn third.

A caution-free, 25-lap NAPA Super Street feature was action-packed. Tasha Dyer wrecked when last on the track. As a result of the wreck, Dyer sprained an ankle, and was still on crutches for the race. Despite her sprain, Dyer raced to the front of the heat and started at the pole. Behind her were Jamie Norton and Jason Curtis. Before a half lap was complete, Josh Bailey had advanced to third. Adam Chadbourne was behind him, and the pair battled for the third spot.

Chadbourne took second when he passed Curtis during lap eight. Bailey passed Curtis and took third. Lap 19 saw Dyer get loose, and Chadbourne and Bailey shortened the gap to separate the race leaders. Chadbourne and Bailey raced door-to-door, each looking for second, but Chadbourne was able to advance and hold of Bailey to clinch second. Dyer took her first Super Street win. Bailey rounded out the top three.

A 50-lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends national qualifier race was next on the schedule. Seventeen legends cars took to the track. Starting at the pole was Tylar Braunschweig. Behind him was Kevin Girard Jr. and Cory Hall. Matt Grant passed Hall on the outside of turn one during lap one to take third. The duo raced for second, but Grant was able to hold onto it.

Girard passed Braunschweig on the inside of turn four during lap eight and took the lead. Grant passed Braunschweig during lap nine to take second. There was a red flag during lap 23 when Pete Cannell went off the turn four corner. When racing action resumed, Braunschweig advanced to second, and Hall and Grant raced door-to-door for third, as Grant ultimately secured the spot.

Lap 32 saw Grant pass Braunschweig for second on the inside of turn two, heading onto the back stretch. The following lap, Nicholas Naugle passed Braunschweig for third. The racing order remained constant until the conclusion, as Girard took his second win at Wiscasset this season. Grant finished second and Nicholas Naugle third.

A quick, but exciting, 20-lap Thunder 4 feature was next. Starting at the pole was Michael Harrison. Michael Golding was behind him, as was David Greenleaf. Off the start, David Stone Jr. advanced to second. Girard Cote advanced to third. However, Cote slowed and seemed to experience mechanical issues and went to the pits.

There was a caution during lap eight when Leandra Martin, running third, spun on the track. Martin caught Ryan Chadwick. Both lost forward momentum, causing a caution. Both went to the back of the pack on the ensuing restart, and Cody Tribett advanced to third. However, on the restart Stone and Tribett made contact on the back stretch. Stone went into the back stretch wall, and Tribett headed to the pits. Tribett was able to make it back onto the track before the caution ended. Curtis Anderson moved to second and Greenleaf advanced to third.

When racing resumed, Chadwick went underneath the pack on the backstretch during lap eight and clinched third. Lap 12 saw Chadwick take the inside line under Anderson on the back stretch and snag second.

During lap 16, Chadwick caught the leader and headed to the outside of Harrison in a battle for the lead. Proving himself to be a force on the track, Chadwick overtook Harrison during lap 18, and coming out of turn two, he was ahead by a nose. Chadwick sped ahead to secure the lead and the win. It was Chadwick’s third Thunder 4 win of the season at Wiscasset Speedway. Harrison placed second. It was Harrison’s career-best finish. Anderson took third.

Keeping fans on the edge of their seats was an action-packed, 40-lap Pro Stock event. Starting on the pole was the Maggie Ferland. Behind her were Joe Morey and Kevin Morse. When green flag racing began, Morey spun on the track and hit the front stretch wall, which brought out a caution. Morey headed down pit row. Morse advanced to second and Wyatt Alexander moved to third.

Alexander passed Morse on the inside during lap one to take second. Coming up from his sixth-place start was Nick Hinkley. Hinkley passed Morse for third during lap two.

A determined Alexander moved up the track to challenge Ferland for the lead and passed her on the outside during lap three. Ferland then raced door-to-door with Hinkley for second. Hinkley was able to get ahead of Ferland during lap five to take second.

Starting in eighth was the Jeff Burgess. Burgess had worked his way up through the pack, and challenged Ferland for third during lap six. Burgess secured third and looked outside to pass Hinkley during lap eight. Burgess patiently reeled Hinkley in, and edged ahead on the backstretch during lap 13 for second.

During lap 15, Burgess moved to the outside and raced door-to-door with Alexander for the lead. When coming across the start/finish line, Burgess was ahead of Alexander by 1/1000th of a second. Burgess continued to press ahead and completed the pass.

Andy Saunders had woven through lap traffic from his seventh-place start. He challenged Hinkley for third, and passed him on the outside of turn three during lap 22.

There was a caution during lap 28, which brought all the race leaders together. On the restart, Saunders did not give Alexander an opening, and secured second. Alexander fell into line in third. Burgess took his third consecutive Pro Stock win at Wiscasset Speedway. Saunders placed second. Alexander made his first pro stock podium appearance in third.

The individual results from May 16 were:

New England Four-Cylinder Pro Stock (35 laps) — 1. Kamren Knowles, Readfield; 2. Jacob Hendsbee, Whitefield; 3. Craig Dunn, Strong; 4. Cody Billings, Hartford; 5. Jeff Prindall, Lisbon; 6. John Shorey, Alna; 7. Bob Patten, Westbrook; 8. Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner; 9. Cameron Folsom, Augusta; 10. Jerry Bailey, Wiscasset; 11. Connor Wenners, Edgecomb; and 12. Mike Kibbin, South China.

NAPA Super Street (25 laps) — 1. Tasha Dyer, Arrowsic; 2. Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 3. Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 4. Jason Curtis, Hollis; 5. Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 6. Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset; 7. David Patten, Westbrook; and 8. Jamie Norton, Farmingdale.

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (50 laps) — 1. Kevin Girard Jr., Old Orchard Beach; 2. Matt Grant, Windham; 3. Nicholas Naugle, Dartmouth; 4. Tylar Braunschwieg, West Newfield; 5. Bob Weymouth, Topsham; 6. Alan Smith, Lincoln; 7. Ed Getty, Gray; 8. Terry Kirk, Durham; 9. Philip Bracket III, South Portland; 10. Matt Chagnot, Derry, N.H.; 11. Michael Humphrey, Cornish; 12. Dylan Varney, Windham; 13. Colby Meserve, Buxton; 14. Mathew Bourgoine, Newport; 15. Roger Edgecomb, Hiram; 16. Cory Hall New Brunswick, Canada; and 17. Pete Cannel, South Berwick.

Thunder 4s (20 laps) — 1. Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset; 2. Michael Harrison, Durham; 3. Curtis Anderson, Richmond; 4. Leandra Martin, Richmond; 5. Cody Tribbet, Richmond; 6. David Greenleaf, Brunswick; 7. Michael Golding, Pownal; 8. David Stone Jr., Sanford; and 9. Girard Cote, Oxford.

Pro Stock (40 laps) — 1. Jeff Burgess, East Madison; 2. Andy Saunders, Ellsworth; 3. Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth; 4. James Osmond, Woolwich; 5. Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 6. Phillip Richardson, Hermon; 7. Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 8. Maggie Ferland, Auburn; and 9. Joe Morey, Lisbon

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.