Wiscasset Speedway was packed with fans on Sunday afternoon, May 24 as they gathered to watch exciting racing action. On the agenda were Outlaw Minis, Modifieds, Strictly Street and the Spotlighted main event — The Coastal 200.

The 200-lap Late Model Sportsman event had a total purse in excess of $18,000 with $3,000 going to the winner. In addition to the purse, there was lap leader money in excess of $4,000. That included a $500 halfway bonus.

The Coastal 200 kicked off with three heat races. One-hundred dollars went to each of the heat winners. Those winners, who started at the pole, were Josh St Clair, the 2014 Coastal 200 winner, Chris Thorne and Andrew McLaughlin.

With Josh St. Clair, Thorne and McLaughlin leading the field, green flag racing began, and the Coastal 200 started. Thorne moved ahead by a nose and led the first lap, but Josh St. Clair regained his lead the following lap. There was plenty of action as cars jockeyed for position. McLaughlin headed inside and led the following lap — which made it three different race leaders in the first three laps.

The first caution came during lap 27. When racing resumed, McLaughlin continued to lead the pack, despite Thorne racing him door-to-door around the track for the position. A second caution during the same lap caused another restart, and when green flag racing began once again, Jeff Burgess went to the outside and passed Josh St. Clair for third. The pair battled for the spot for three laps, with Josh St. Clair taking the spot briefly back. Ultimately, Burgess claimed the position, and set his sights on second.

Meanwhile, McLaughlin and Thorne raced furiously for the lead. Then during lap 45, Thorne suffered a mechanical problem, and smoke began pouring from under the hood. Nick Jenkins and Nick Hinkley spun on the track immediately after, which brought out the third caution of the race. Several drivers headed to the pits, including Thorne, who discovered he had a broken power steering line. Thorne was back on the track before caution’s end, and continued to strong-arm his way through the remainder of the race.

With Thorne at the back of the pack, McLaughlin stayed in the lead, but Burgess moved up to second, and Josh St. Clair moved to third. The top three race leaders remained constant through lap 66.

There was plenty of shuffling for position throughout the pack, however. Ryan St. Clair moved up from his 11th starting position into the top five, as well as Will Collins, who had started ninth. Thorne patiently worked his way back up through the field, despite his lack of power steering.

However, during lap 66, Ryan St. Clair passed Josh St. Clair for third. Ryan St. Clair continued to power his way up the track, looking for his opportunity to pass Burgess. His chance came during lap 70. Ryan St. Clair headed to the inside and passed Burgess for second. Ryan St. Clair continued his trek up the track and headed to the outside to challenge McLaughlin for the lead during lap 76. While coming out of turn four, Ryan St. Clair emerged as leader, as McLaughlin moved to second and Burgess third.

Lap 88 had the forth caution of the race, and when racing resumed, Burgess took an inside line and reeled McLaughlin in slowly. During lap 88 Burgess completed the pass on turn two and took second. Another caution during lap 91 saw a leader change on the restart.

Ryan St. Clair and Burgess battled for the lead, they went nose-to-nose around the track, and when the duo went over the start/finish line, Burgess was 1/100ths of a second ahead and became the new leader, the fourth of the race. A determined Ryan St. Clair did not go down without a fight, and by lap 93 was back in the lead. Ryan St. Clair was race leader at the midway point and was the recipient of a $500 bonus. Ryan St. Clair also won a graphics package for leading lap 99.

Race leaders Burgess and McLaughlin headed to the pits after a caution during lap 103. Ryan St. Clair still led the pack, but Thorne again had made his way back to the head of the pack, and was in second. In third was Josh St. Clair. Also in the top five was Hinkley, who had gone to the back during lap 45.

When action resumed, Hinkley moved along side of Josh St Clair to challenge for third. During lap 107, Hinkley passed Josh St. Clair on the outside of the back stretch for third. Hinkley continued his advance up the field and passed Thorne on the outside of turn four for second. Hinkley stayed outside, and proved to be a force on the track when he passed Ryan St. Clair during lap 111 and became the fifth leader of the Coastal 200.

The seventh caution of the race came during lap 135. During the caution, Thorne headed to the pits and Dave Farrington Jr. moved into third. Also in the top five were Burgess and McLaughlin, who had pitted during lap 103.

On the ensuing restart, Farrington went underneath Ryan St. Clair, looking for second, but Ryan St. Clair did not give up the position. Farrington backed off and patiently waited for his chance to pass. He found an opportunity during lap 140, and passed Ryan St. Clair on the inside of turn one for second.

Then everything changed as Burgess and Ryan St. Clair made contact coming off turn three during the same lap. Burgess and Ryan St. Clair headed to the back of the pack, and McLaughlin moved back into third. Ahead Hinkley and Farrington were in first and second.

There was a change in the running order during lap 142 after a caution on the track. Ryan Deane spun and collected Shane Clark, Chris Bowie and Ryan St. Clair. All headed to the pits, but racing was over for the day for Bowie and Ryan St. Clair. Deane was able to stay on the track.

Deane, at the completion of the race, was the recipient of the Hard Charger Award. This award goes to the driver who finishes the most positions ahead of where he started. Deane started in 20th, and finished 12, advancing eight positions. Deane received a $500 certificate to AR Bodies.

On the lap 142 restart, McLaughlin got under Farrington to take second. Farrington was hung out to dry as Josh St. Clair followed the same line and took third. A battle for second began to rage. For five laps McLaughlin and Josh St .Clair raced door-to-door, fans cheered the duo on, and eventually Josh St. Clair edged ahead and took second. Hinkley remained in the lead.

Then, during lap 149 McLaughlin and T.J. Watson made contact, sending both into a spin and bringing out the yellow. McLaughlin and Watson headed to the back of the pack. Moving into third was Farrington. There was an exciting restart, and Josh St. Clair challenged Hinkley for the lead. Coming out of turn three, Josh St. Clair was ahead by a nose, but Hinkley fought back and went across the start/finish line only 6/100ths of a second ahead. By lap 152, Hinkley had solidified his lead, but Josh St. Clair still challenged Hinkley for the spot.

Hinkley and Josh St. Clair made contact coming out of turn three during lap 159. Hinkley spun on the track to bring out a caution, and both went to the back. Farrington advanced to first, making him the sixth leader of the Coastal 200. Jenkins moved to second and Burgess to third. When racing resumed on the track, Burgess went underneath Jenkins for second. Again making an appearance in the top three was Thorne, who had pitted during lap 135. Thorne passed Jenkins on the inside of turn three for third.

There was plenty of action in the top half of the pack, as all vied to get to the front. Jenkins, Watson, McLaughlin and Josh St. Clair were hot on the heels of race leaders Farrington, Burgess, and Thorne. During lap 173 Thorne moved to the outside, and raced neck-and-neck with Burgess. Thorne was able to complete the pass by the conclusion of lap 176 to take second. McLaughlin challenged Burgess for third and moved to the outside, passing Burgess during lap 179 for third.

The 15th-and-final caution of the race came during lap 180. It was an exciting restart with Farrington getting a jump off the start. Thorne and McLaughlin battled for second door-to-door. Behind were Burgess, Jenkins and Hinkley, who had gone to the back during lap 159. McLaughlin edged ahead of Thorne during lap 182 to take second. Hinkley moved up from behind to challenge Thorne for third. Thorne was able to hold him off. McLaughlin made a bid to challenge Farrington for the lead, but Farrington had things under control and flew under the checkered to make him the 2015 winner of the Coastal 200.

McLaughlin placed second and Thorne third. Thorne strong-armed his way over 150 laps with no power steering. Finishing in forth was Hinkley. Fifth went to T.J. Watson.

First on the agenda, prior to the Coastal 200, was a 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature. Starting on the pole was Matt Weil. Behind him were Shane Kaherl and Shawn Austin. Leaping quickly to the front was Kimball followed by Justin Trombley and Donny Silva. The trio was leading the pack when suddenly during lap 15, Kimball suffered a loss of power. Trombley passed Kimball for first, and Silva passed Kimball for second. Coming from behind was Cody Tribett for third.

Lap 17 saw a running order change when Tribett passed Silva on the inside of turn two for second. Race leaders remained constant until race conclusion. Trombley took the checkered. Tribett placed second. Rounding out the top three was Silva.

Next was a 30-lap Modified feature event. Ed Trask led the action on the track, followed by Mike Brown and Shawn Austin. Brown passed Trask on the inside of turn three during the opening lap for first. Coming up quickly from behind was the Gary Thorne and Jairet Harrison. Thorne and Harrison slid neatly into second and third before the conclusion of lap one.

During lap two, Mark Lucas passed Harrison for third. Ahead, Thorne passed Brown for the lead. Then Harrison spun on the track, which brought out a caution, and Brown got caught up in it. The new running order was Thorne in the lead, followed by Lucas in second and Ron Bryant advanced to third. On the restart, Lucas got a strong jump off the start and took the lead. Richard Jordan overtook Bryant for third.

Lucas and Thorne had a solid battle for the lead, when halfway through the race, Thorne slid going into a turn and fell off the pace. Lucas gained a commanding lead and Thorne was unable to close the gap.

Lucas spent the remainder of the race looking out his rear view window at the pack trying to catch up. Lucas took the win, Thorne second and Jordan third.

An action-packed, 25-lap Strictly Street feature kept fans on the edge of their seats. Starting at the pole was Richard Spaulding. Behind him were Kenny Harrison and Chanler Harrison. There was a caution during lap one with no leader change. During lap two, Dave Brannon moved to third, passing Chanler Harrison.

There was a caution during lap three when Dan Brown spun on the track. Kurt Hewins, and Zachary Bowie got caught in the jumble. Brown and Kurt Hewins headed to the pits, and Bowie went to the back.

On the restart, Kyle Hewins passed Brannon for third. Kyle Hewins headed to the inside and passed Kenny Harrison and Spaulding for the lead. After the pass, cars went three wide coming out of turn four during lap three and Kyle Hewins kept his race leader position. Spaulding was in second. Brannon was in third. Chanler Harrison spun on the track, to bring out the third caution of the race. Race officials called for a single-file restart and the racing order went back to the previously-completed lap. The new running order was Spaulding in first, Brannon second and Kyle Hewins third.

When racing resumed, Brannon headed to the outside and took the lead by a fraction of a second. During lap four, there was a turn-three caution when Kyle Hewins piloted into Spaulding to put the pair on the infield. Tommy Smith was collected in the melee. There was another single-file restart. Brannon was in the lead. Corey Morgan advanced to second and Kenny Harrison third.

Morgan went to the outside during lap seven and raced Brannon door-to-door for the lead. The duo continued to race nose to nose, and Brannon pulled ahead by 4/100ths of a second during lap 10, coming over the start/finish line. During lap 12, Morgan again took the lead from Brannon. Behind the two leaders, Kenny Harrison and Ethan Dinsmore raced for third. Harrison was able to hold off Dinsmore, however.

Morgan and Brannon raced furiously for the win as the laps ticked off, but Morgan was able to clinch the win. However, Morgan failed post-race inspection and the win was awarded to Brannon. Kenny Harrison placed second and Ethan Dinsmore third.

The individual results from May 24 racing were:

Outlaw minis (25 laps) — 1. Justin Trombley, Winter Harbor; 2. Cody Tribett, Richmond; 3. Donny Silva, Hudson; 4. Shane Kaherl, Jay; 5. Brady Romano, Livermore Falls; 6. Dixon Smith, Sidney; 7. Mike Bolduc, Windsor; 8. Nick Bissell, Lewiston; 9. Matt Weil, Biddeford; 10. Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 11. Stephen Howard, Thomaston; and 12. Jimmy Childs, Leeds.

Modifieds (30 laps) — 1. Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 2. Gary Thorne, Sidney; 3. Richard Jordan, Kingfield; 4. Jairet Harrison, Freeport; 5. Ron Bryant, Livermore; 6. Ed Trask, Augusta; 7. Todd Ladd, Farmington; 8. Mike Brown, Hope; and 9. Shawn Austin, Norridgewock.

Strictly Streets (25 laps) — 1. Dave Brannon, Lisbon; 2. Kenny Harrison, Durham; 3. Ethan Dinsmore, Hope; 4. Cody Verrill, Wiscasset; 5. Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 6. Zachary Bowie, Greene; 7. Tommy Smith, Edgecomb; 8. Dan Brown, Peru; 9. Kimberly Knight, Chesterville; 10. Chandler Harrison, Freeport; 11. Richard Spaulding, Lisbon; and 12. Kyle Hewins, Leeds.

Coastal 200 Late Model Sportsman (200 laps) — 1. Dave Farrington Jr., Jay; 2. Andrew McLaughlin, Harrington; 3. Chris Thorne, Sidney; 4. Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 5. T.J. Watson, Cundy's Harbor; 6. Nick Jenkins, Brownville; 7. Josh St. Clair, Liberty; 8. Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 9. Richard Jordan, Kingfield; 10. Dave St. Clair, Liberty; 11. Will Collins, Waldoboro; 12. Ryan Deane, Winterport; 13. Shane Clark, Winterport; 14. Ben Erskine, Farmington; 15. Jay Bailey, Wiscasset; 16. Brian Robbins, Montville; 17. Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 18. Chris Bowie, New Glouster; 19. Alex Waltz, Walpole; 20. J.R. Robinson, Steuben; 22. John Kalel, Orrington; 23. Wes Turner, Montville; and 24. Joe Morey, Lisbon Falls.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.

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