Homeowners, landlords and renters can sign up now for low-cost energy-saving window inserts, and schedule a WindowDressers volunteer team to come measure the windows of your home or apartment.

The nonprofit is planning 13 local community builds this fall, including one in Searsport and one in Belfast. Customers can sign up for insert measurements now and then volunteer to help make the inserts at the community build in the fall.

WindowDressers inserts can lower heating bills by almost 25 percent and also help the environment by lowering carbon dioxide emissions levels.

Inserts are available in both white and natural pine finish, and have an average cost of $2 per square foot (with an additional $4 per window for the painted white finish). Residents can usually recoup their investment in the first year with savings on heating fuel. Special contribution pricing is offered to low-income residents.

Inserts are custom measured and cut, then wrapped with clear polyolefin film and shrunk drum-tight on both sides to create clear views through an insulating dead-air space. Foam weather stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and gives the insert a clean custom fit.

Sign up for window measurements by calling 596-3073, or email info.windowdressers@gmail.com. A local measuring team will call to make an appointment. Information is also available online at windowdressers.org.