The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 9 and June 4:


Robert E. Whidden Estate to Robert Keith Wry and Nancy Falvey

Schweikhart Family Revocable Trust to Vincent M. Cerbone

Corey R. St. Pierre to Monicque A. St. Pierre

Timothy Collins and Katherine Collins to Ronald W. Tibert and Lorraine Tibert

Rebecca S. Erb Living Trust to Carrie Margrave and Paul Margrave

Michael F. Leslie to Virginia T. Johnson to Suzanne Macleod

Robert R. Gordon to Brock John Gordon

Jeff C. Rauch to Helen Kay Zegel

William L. Armstrong to Mary B. Vuono

Merrimack Mortgage Company Inc., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., Jennifer Weed, and Sean Weed to Aurora Loan Services LLC

Aurora Loan Services LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Albert B. Blackadar Jr. and Theresa G. Blackadar

Richard Stephenson to Gary Moline

Stonington Canning Company and Robbins Living Trust to Seven Meadows LLC

Heald Belfast Nominee Trust to Kathryn L. Heald

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Linnehan Acceptance

Mary Jane Moore to Julia Bard Plumb

Lionel Douin and Patrica Douin to Joan C. Monico

Dorothy K. Jordan to Christine L. Legore, Jay Legore and Zafra Whitcomb


Madeline A. Iverson and Michael P. Nesmith to Julie Heeter


Jamie J. Gallagher and Jamie J. Campbell to Jamie J. Gallagher

Town of Brooks to Barry D. Feero

Todd J. Williams to Jeffrey A. Applegate

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Gina G. Reese Estate and Gina Gail Reese Estate to John P. Wentworth and Rhonda D. Wentworth


Lottie I. Nickerson Estate to Gillan J. Soucy and Erin E. Soucy

Robin M. Nichols and Ann Pallotta Revocable Family Trust to Ann Pallotta

Tasker Family Living Trust to Janet Marie Frank


Paul R. Flynn, Kathryn M. Flynn and Richard P. Flynn to Jeffery A. McCarter


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Arthur Ashley

Manford H. Durkee and Patricia E. Durkee to Pandora Durkee and Randy Durkee

Upper Short Ledge Realty Trust to Peri F. Clark and David C. Clark Jr.

Antonia Daly and Peter W. Tricario to Donald A. Durkee and Linda G. Durkee


Roxanna Crosby and Steven Welch to Janice Suleiman

Roxanna Crosby, Steven Welch, Linda Dudley, and Elaine Hustus to Roxanna Crosby, Steven Welch and Janice Suleiman

Darol W. Ricker to T R Dillon Logging Inc.

Village Homes Development Inc. to Jasmine Schmidt


Bessey Development Company to Dufault Lumber Company

Dufault Lumber Company to Claude E. Littlefield


Douglas J. Black and Kerry J. Black to Black Family Irrevocable Trust

Alan E. Johnson to Alan E. Johnson and Anne E. Warren

3 Amigos Inc. and Three Amigos Inc. to Mac's Convenience Stores LLC

William S. Roberts to Barbara G. Roberts


Alice L. Amory to 4 Sea View Drive LLC and Four Sea View Drive LLC

Winthrop G. Goulding Estate to Carole-Ann Goulding

Beneficial Maine Inc. and Chalorne Libby to Beneficial Maine Inc.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Jayne Macrae

Barbara Noll and Barbara Noll to Kimerly Cain

Brendon Allen to Brendon Allen 2015 Irrevocable Trust

Stephen Picone Sr. to Stephen Picone Sr. and Mary C. Picone

Jonathan A. Berry to Jacob M. Holmes

Gary Cain, Sheri Wilkens, Katherine Cain Cole, Katherine Cole, Katherine Cain, Craig Cain and Wendy Hart to Kimerly Cain

Bitslaw LLC to Duncan G. Labay and Susan R. Labay


Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Joel D. Ploszaj

John D. Mannette and Kathleen D. Mannette to Carolyn Miller

Tam Snyder to Tammy Snyder Maseychik

Town of Monroe to Ronald D. Flewelling, Shannon D. Flewelling and Shannon D. Weaver

Brittany Pierce Higgins and Brittany N. Pierce to Milton Higgins


John Ware to Maritime Energy Inc.


Daniel P. Fitzpatrick II to Ashley D. Ward

Sharon Thompson to Jacob M. Thompson

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Financial Maine Inc.

Wells Fargo Financial Maine Inc. to Sheryl K. Schaub

Sheryl K. Schaub to Sheryl K. Schaub and Larry S. Schaub

Leon M. Annis Jr. to Carmelo Muriel

Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust and Duttons Leasing LLC to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust

Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust and Duttons Leasing LLC to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust

David B. Dutton to Dalene A. Dutton and Dalene Dutton


Irina Potopova Stager Trust to Kristine Phillips

Northport Village Corporation to George Drinkwater and Charleen Drinkwater

Walter A. Jr. & Geraldine V. Nieweg Revocable Living Trust to Howard P. Sawyer III and Marcia Ryan

Marilyn P. Duane Estate to Douglas S. Miska and Sima Miska

Sue S. Werkenthin to Bobby Oommen and Martha Rice


Francis M. Gondek to Sharon Lee Bailey and Miles Bailey

Francis M. Gondek to Sharon Lee Bailey and Miles Bailey

Palermo Community Foundation to American Legion Malcolm Glidden Post 163 Inc.

Palermo Community Foundation to American Legion Malcolm Glidden Post 163 Inc.

Joyce A. Gyles to Joyce A. Gyles and Daniel F. Gyles Jr.

Howard & Betty Glidden Real Estate Trust to Betty T. Glidden

Howard E. Glidden and Betty T. Glidden to Betty T. Glidden

James T. Dyer and Andrea J. Dyer to Christine L. Egor

Stuart Alexander Bradstreet and Amy B. Bradstreet to Stuart A. Bradstreet and Amy B. Bradstreet

Stuart Alexander Bradstreet and Amy B. Bradstreet to Stuart A. Bradstreet and Amy B. Bradstreet

Kenway Corp and Kenway Boats to Roscoe L. Ryan


Golda A. Curtis Gamble and Golda A. Curtis to Jammie C. Gamble

Todd M. Cotier and Annelisa Cotier to Ami Marie Cotier


Gary S. Grover and Evelyn Grover to Charles E. Martz Jr.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County

Christopher M. Morse to Ed Blake & Sons Forest Products

Marilynn A. Eddleston to Erik M. Ludwig and Hannah E. Raymond

Jeff R. Bryant to Jeff R. Bryant and Jessica Clark

Storm Gould and Rhoda Gould to Melissa S. Lanier


Randy Matthews Estate to Tammie M. Merrifield and Dalton Matthews

Donald W. Evans Jr. and Rosemarie Evans to Michael F. Labenski and Denise F. Labenski

Beneficial Maine Inc. and Darlene P. Peak to Beneficial Maine Inc.

Dorotha C. Tymeson Estate to Jessie Tymeson

Dorotha C. Tymeson Estate to William R. & Andrea Tymeson Revocable Trust of 2010

Richard W. Beebe and Kathleen M. Beebe to Jason L. Littlefield

Kenneth E. Stilger to Win Chaiyabhat and Nancy Chaiyabhat

Peter Petersen to Mainely Org LLC

Donald Douglas Living Trust to Donald Douglas Living Trust

Stockton Springs:

Ronald Gross and Frances M. Gross to Kenneth Wyman Jr. and Keirsten Wyman

Ruth M. Harriman to Kimberley J. Rich

Phyllis M. McDonough Estate to Elizabeth Ann Donald

James Hatch to William J. Wenz and Jennifer E. Wenz

Alfred F. George to Melinda J. Barnes

Tara Raftery Smart to Philip Brown and Brenda Brown

Kirt J. Damon to Kirt J. Damon Jr.


Brad W. Lindelof and Jessica L. Lindelop to Dana L. Skinner and Helen H. Skinner

Dana L. Skinner and Helen H. Skinner to Scott A. Marshall Jr. and Tiffany N. Marshall

Lee A. Davis to Arland W. Bowen

James Robert Bohan to Laura L. Cote and Laura L. Bohan

Laura L. Cote and Laura L. Bohan to Michael K. Ball


Donna L. Higgins and Donna M. Higgins to Lonnie B. Monroe and Kathleen L. Monroe


Carol M. Kennedy to Carol M. Kennedy and Mackenzie A. Kennedy

Christopher M. Shibles to Derrick R. Basford


Shaw Family Trust to Shaw Family Trust

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Charles W. Penney, and Raena A. Trojano-Penney to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

James C. Morse Sr. to Harry F. Ward Jr. and Debra L. Ward

Cartier Realty Trust to Leslie Plunkett and Allison Morrill


Bruce E. Stover, Letitia Littlefield Stover and Letitia Littlefield to Virgil Thompson

Nathan M. Allen Jr. and Randee-Sue Allen to April Kirby and Norman Kirby


David J. Ryan and Cheryl A. Ryan to Billy Dewayne Mullis and Suzanne Chase Mullis

David J. Roy and Debra W. Roy to Sarah Elizabeth Krummel and Luke E. Krummel

Ernest A. Albert Jr. to Ronald Harnish and Nancy Benecke

Truman 2013 SC3 Title Trust, Douglas T. Trask, and Sara M. Trask to Truman 2013 SC3 Title Trust

LSF8 Master Participation Trust, Toby C. Williams, and Jennifer S. Williams to LSF8 Master Participation Trust

Jo-Ann L. Estes and Stephen F. Estes to David C. Kulp and Lauretta A. Kulp

Christopher R. Beaulier and Heidi K. Beaulier to Geri Politano and Stephanie Politano

Nicholas C. Capozziello and Michelle Capozziello to Beverly A. Smith

Nathan A. Anderson to Matthew A. Anderson

Matthew A. Anderson to Gretchen Fennelly and Nathan Fennelly

Carline J. Dunham to Jon Allen Johnson and Feiyan Johnson

Christopher T. Burnett to Kevin M. White and Terri E. White

Travis J. York and Meghan L. O. York to Jason W. Morneault

Norman J. Patchell III and Danielle R. Patchell to Dorothy A. Strom and Elliot Benjamin

Michelle M. Lizotte to Coedy Parks and Jennifer Parks