Approximately 60 residents gathered in the Walsh Common at Lincolnville Central School June 11 for the annual town meeting, breezing through the passage of warrant articles that were not decided at the polls.

Paul Gibbons of Camden was the moderator for the meeting that lasted only a little more than an hour and those who spoke at the meeting in most cases were just looking for clarification on specific verbiage.

Residents approved questions pertaining to an easement deed and the discontinuation of a portion of Fernald's Neck Road due to the reconfiguration of a landowner driveway. In article 26, voters gave the town permission to pay no damages based on the Select Board's April 13 order filed with the Town Clerk. Changes to to the towns Land Use Ordinance were also approved.

A question asking residents to give the Select Board, after notice and hearing, the power to make the final determination for winter road closures without requiring a vote by the legislative body of the town also was approved by voters. However, during the public comment portion prior to the vote, one resident, Cindy Gerry, was concerned the article would leave the property owners on the four roads that failed by vote at the polls to be discontinued could now have the winter maintenance discontinued with no recourse.

Other articles approved by residents were:

$386,675 for administration and finance.

$155,191 for protection.

$20,010 for town office building

$6,000 for contingency

$82,434 for code enforcement officer and assessing

$930,169 for public works

$12,381 for boards and committees

$26,345 for support

$100,000 for capital improvements

$7,435 for provider agencies.

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