The nonprofit Fiber College will open another season of Camp and Create! Artist in Residence weeks at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground, Route 1. Sunday through Saturday, June 21 through 27, Karen Jelenfy will be on site, offering programs that are available as drop-in, hands-on presentations. No fee is required for instruction. For more information, call 548-6059.

Jelenfy has been an artist for more than 30 years and an art teacher for almost that long. She lives and works in Washington with her partner, Pete, her best friend Dixie (a black lab), four cats and two cashmere goats. She also owns WORKS, the used books store in Searsport, which carries gently used books as well as colorful fiber and yarny goods. Her drawings and paintings are exhibited there, along with the work of other Maine artists.

For the past two summers, Jelenfy has spent time standing on the beach at low tide, looking down at her feet at the rocks around and underneath, at the scuttling tidal life and the empty shells. She began to draw and paint these forms using her expressionist style, and this is what she will be teaching at Searsport Shores — how to render beach life in both pencil and watercolor.

“Realism isn’t the goal as much as an emotional or sympathetic response to the minute life around us. We’ll even go back to the studio and try some studies from memory,” she said.

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