The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 5 and June 11:


James C. Delehanty and Linda Tyer to Linda K. Tyer Living Trust

Veronica Pendleton Estate to Anne Matava

Bruce Brierley to Brian Collins

William Edwin Ingersoll to Michael E. Connelly and Elizabeth F. Connelly

Michael E. Connelly and Elizabeth F. Connelly to Stephen J. Hornsby and Anne Kelly Knowles

Catherine Downey-Rispoli and Catherine D. Rispoli to Catherine Downey-Rispoli Trust

Joan M. Smith to Storm Gould and Rhoda Gould


Jerold Sorocki and Frank Quiroga to Shana Hanson

Leonard C. Hieronymus to Matthew McConnell and Lisa McConnell


Roland G. Stimpff and Kathleen A. Higgins to Michael Caron


Elizabeth Holmes Alderman to Ritsch Family Trust


Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Garrett Soucy and Siiri Soucy

Thelma C. Davis Irrevocable Family Trust to David A. Davis

Steven W. & Janice L. Jewett Living Trust to Duane S. Jewett and Kimberly E. Jewett


Kevin Burke and Sheila A. Burke to Christopher Michael

Stephen W. Brown and Donna Brown to Darren Rossiter and Briana Laughlin

No Location Listed:

DCP Seasrsport LLC and Gas Supply Resources LLC to Gas Supply Resources LLC


Willmott Abbuhl Estate to Carol Sue Greenleaf and Bruce W. Greenleaf

Joel J. Prescott to Town of Northport


Dorothy B. Conlogue to Dorothy B. Conlogue and Laura Frost

Dorothy B. Conlogue to Matthew Conlogue

Harold E. Mehuren and Terry L. Mehuren to Evan C. Webb

John A. Bengston and Susan E. Dumont-Bengston to Daniel R. Lagueux

Timothy K. Welch to Town of Palermo


Mark Quigley to Nicole Foster


Jessee Tymeson to William R. and Andrea R. Tymeson Revocable Trust of 2010

Berthrand Saucier Sr., Berthrand Saucier and Shirley A. Saucier to Berthrand Saucier Sr. and Shirley A. Saucier

Searsport Water District to Lance R. Raymond

Ann L. Curtis Estate to Craig M. Tammen

Stockton Springs:

Fred Remington Whaley Jr. Living Trust and Fred Remington Whaley Jr. Administrative Trust to David S. Miller and Raphael G. Wakefield

Mary Ann Valaitis Whaley Living Trust, Mary Ann Vailaitis Whaley Administrative Trust, and Mary Ann Valaitis Whaley Administrative Trust to David S. Miller and Raphael G. Miller


Chester M. Trundy to Jesse E. Andreski and Brenda M. Andreski


Sam M. Marsicano Jr. to Patricia B. Lyons and James W. Lyons


David L. Burleigh to Gregory S. Larrabee and Tisha L. Larrabee


JPMorgan Chase Bank NA TR to C. Everett Larrabee & Associates LLC