The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 26 and July 2:




Connie L. Sarnacki to Scarf Enterprises LLC


Peter R. Hanson to Peter R. Hanson and Annette Tripp


Charles D. Chetwynd and Sandra L. Chetwynd to Linda Lee


Joann F. Cerretani, Anthony F. Cerretani, and Anthony Cerretani III to H. Scott Kallis and Sara A. Kallis


Raymond Gibson to David M. Moran and Jennifer M. Kiernan


Marilyn P. Duane Estate to Patricia Hagerty


Margaret P. Worth Estate to Elissa H. Stone


Ronald L. Burrows, Trish Jakielski, and Mary Ellen Burrows to Suzan B. Bernhard and Victor M. Bernhard


Jeffrey A. Marger and Suzanne F. Marger to Judith E. Schleder and J. Richard Schleder


Charles M. B. Higgins, Charles B. Higgins and Gene V. Higgins to Michael M. Corden


Kimberly Anne Huisman and Kimberly A. Huisman to Kevin James Johnson and Kevin J. Johnson


Kevin James Johnson and Kevin J. Johnson to Kevin J. Johnson and Walter H. Johnson


Arlene J. Clements Estate to Underwater Research LLC


A. Marie Hooper and Ada M. Marie Hooper to Alice Burch-Beck and James Beck




Patricia Rose to Jane Wilson and Michael Wilson




Gerald D. Duplisea to Michael Duplisea




Peggy Hodgkins and Linda Byram to Linda Byram, Peggy Hodgkins and Erwin B. Nickless




Arthur Bourne Choate to Choate Properties LLC


United States of America – HUD to Tracey L. Lindelof




James M. Curtis III Estate to James M. Curtis Jr. and Shirley L. Curtis


Shirley L. Curtis and James M. Curtis Jr. to Curtis Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust


Lynsey Bray to Kevin P. Daly and Elizabeth T. Daly




Sandra R. Edgecomb to Angie Harriman and David Harriman


Timothy O'Neil and Brenda O'Neil to Deborah T. Schmidt and Douglas A. Schmidt


Jenness L. Robbins to James Braley and Margaret Braley




Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust to Melissa B. Marchetti and Timothy P. Marchetti


Michael Ogden to John H. Ketner


Edward F. Boylan, and Nancy D. Boylan to Michael Clark and Amy G. Clark


Emanuel P. Pariser to Ian Collins and Vina E. Lindley




Margaret Sheridan to Lynsey Bray




United States of America – HUD to Paula J. Dougherty


No Location Given:


Trent E. Souder to Wellman Materials Inc.




Barbara S. Miller to Clayton R. Woodbury and Nancy Delk Woodbury


William D. Oldenburg to Gloria J. Oldenburg


Steven A. Kenyon, David A. Kenyon, Susan E. Kenyon and Peter T. Kenyon Jr. to Ann A. Kenyon and Peter T. Kenyon




Dorothy B. Conlogue to Maurice Haskell and Dawn M. Haskell


Chelsea Cutler-Worcester and David D. Worcester to Kathie Sawtelle Nelson




Richard Nichols and Darlene Berard Nichols to Jean C. Templeton




Nancy K. Roberts and Dennis E. Roberts Jr. to Steven M. Roberts and Cheryl L. Roberts Conant


OTR Properties LLC to Charles N. Blanchard Jr. and Corinne R. Blanchard


Stockton Springs:


Elizabeth Ann Donald to Thomas C. Parkinson Jr.


Virginia Deboer to Nationstar Mortgage LLC




Nancy K. Roberts and Dennis E. Roberts Jr. to Denise L. Roberts Dusoe and Dennis E. Roberts III




Justin J. Choiniere to Melissa Saucier and Christopher Bryant


Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America – VA




Ward J. Jarman, Theresa I Kuzzell, and Theresa I. Kuzell to Benjamin Beaulieu and Susan Beaulieu


Thompson Family Trust of 1992 to 84 Dogwood Lane LLC and Eighty-four Dogwood Lane LLC


Unifore Corp. to Mary Ann Hayes




Charles K. Thompson to Stephen Hills and Jennifer Hills


Walter E. Whitcomb, Lois C. Whitcomb, Lois A. Whitcomb, Nancy Whitcomb Quimby, Lois Adele Cohoon Whitcomb, William A. Whitcomb, Janet E. Whitcomb and Ann Elizabeth Whitcomb Somers to Lois Adele Cohoon Whitcomb, Lois A. Whitcomb and Lois C. Whitcomb




Kathryn A. Webber to Keith R. Downs II


Stephen T. Preston to Stephen T. Preston and Angela P. Pickoski


Gavin O. Speaker to Misty R. Richardson


Trent E. Souder to Wellman Materials Inc.