The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between July 10 and July 16:


Martha Hills Ames and Martha Hills to Laura L. Purdom and Andrew Schindel

Barbara C. Randlett to Christopher Dakin and Cheri Dakin

Patricia A. Smith to Kelly J. Gunthorpe

Wayne L. Drinkwater, Heidi J. Drinkwater and Heidi Joy Mansfield to Jamie Lieberman and Wesley Overlock

Lane Construction Corportation to Joseph Wyman

John E. Tibbetts and Michelle M. Tibbetts to Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust

Joseph A. Benjamin and Bobbie Jo Benjamin to Kevin Scott Miller

Phyllis G. Gould to Heather Q. Hay-Brackett and Jason M. Hay


David Ferrazza, Melinda M. Eggen, and Melinda M. Ferrazza to Vicki L. Jackson


Erland C. Goodwin Estate to Earl R. Anderson Jr.


John M. Drye to Gail A. Drye


Susan C. Haried to Natasha S N Stevens and Thomas K. Stevens


Deborah J. Estelle and Susan Q. Stitzel to Larry W. Glick and Denise M. Glick

Marian E. Rector to Kevin J. Witham and Joyce A. Witham

Erik C. Klimoff to Brian K. Cooper Trust


Carol S. Sebold Estate to Nicholas C. Heal

Lori Hopkins, Patrick Costigan, Patrick N. Costigan, and Lorie A. Costigan to Andrea K. Palise

John M. Kirschner to Robert M. Reed and Debora A. Reed

Lyndsey M. Tufo to Bradley J. Hennemuth and Trudi M. Hennemuth

Kenneth L. Ames and Laurel E. Ames to Barbara Degrass and Raymond Degrass

Charles C. Jepson and Allan A. Junker to Charles B. Brown

Richard L. Knight and Elaine S. Knight to James D. Brown Estate


Town of Montville to Lisa M. Grant and Eric Grant


Craig Robbins to Robert C. Hannan

Brian K. Cooper Trust to Michelle L. Lambert and Michael D. Lambert

Louis M. Trombetta to Kathleen Webb and Lou-Ann Grant

Avery Glidden and Lisa Glidden to Elisha C. Fowlie and Melanie L. Fowlie


William H. Garbus, Ben Garbus Trust and Lucy Z. Garbus to Sara P. Adams

Daniel A. Gerry to Amanda R. Anderson


Mechanics Savings Bank to Arthur F. Dinsmore and Mae V. Dinsmore

April D. Haney to Renee Lynn Spaulding and Issac John Spaulding

Terrence T. Clark to Diane-Marie Colby and Christopher Colby

Diane Mary Elizabeth Clark Estate to Diane-Marie Colby and Christopher Colby

Gina B. Fry to Stacey A. Kopp and Nicole S. Leblanc

Stockton Springs:

Federal National Mortgage Association, David E. Gifford, and Ann Marie Gifford to Federal National Mortgage Association

Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. to Benjamin Howard Makara

Ronald Tufo and Lyndsey Tufo to Ronald Tufo

Ronald Tufo and Lyndsey Tufo to Lyndsey Tufo

Zen D. Sawyer to Bonnie Hazelton and Jan Lane


Gregory R. Ryan, Catherine W. Ryan and Susan H. Meehan to Timothy F. Wade and Elizabeth H. Wade


United States of America – DA to Chad E. O'Brien


Evelyn White and Evelyn Lucero to Gary M. Martin

Gold Top Farm LLC to Darlene T. Clark and Bryan R. Clark

United States of America – DA to Chad E. O'Brien


David P. Staples and Leslie A. Staples to Paul Staples


Paulette F. Young to Paulette F. Young and John B. Young