There were new faces in victory lane on Saturday, July 18 at Wiscasset Speedway.

Fans gathered, despite the cool weather, and were treated to exciting racing, with appearances on the podium from several drivers who had not been there in some time.

On the agenda were the group two division, including Late Model Sportsman, Outlaw Mini, Modified and Strictly Street. The flex race of the week was a 100-lap Enduro feature.

Starting the night was the spotlighted Late Model Sportsman class in a 45-lap event. On the pole was Josh St. Clair. To his right was Bryan Robbins. In third was Steve Minott.

Josh St. Clair had a strong start and leapt to a car-length lead, setting the pace for a race filled with action. Bryan Robbins dropped back and Minott advanced to second. Tyler Robbins moved to third.

A caution during lap 10 provided a break in the action, and grouped the drivers together again. During lap 14, T.J. Watson passed Tyler Robbins for third. Nick Hinkley passed Watson on the inside of the front stretch during lap 17.

Dave St. Clair advanced up the track from his 12th place start. With Josh St. Clair in the lead by several car lengths, and Minott raced furiously to catch up, Dave St. Clair and Hinkley began a battle for third.

During lap 24, Dave St Clair got under Hinkley and began a pass. The duo raced around the track, door-to-door for 12 laps. Dave St. Clair took third, then Hinkley advanced to third. Fans were on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who would ultimately clinch a pass for third.

Then, everything changed during lap 38. Dave St. Clair pushed Hinkley up the track a bit, and Will Collins slipped inside and completed a pass, to steal third from the dueling pair. Hinkley moved to fourth, and Dave St. Clair to fifth. Despite Hinkley’s efforts, he was not able to pass Collins, and race leaders remained constant until the conclusion.

Josh St. Clair claimed his first win since winning the Coastal 200 on Memorial Day weekend of 2014. He was the seventh different winner of the Late Model Sportsman class this season.

Coming into Saturday’s race, Collins was the points leader of the class, with 248. Hinkley was a close second with 244 points. Third in points was Shane Clark, who finished in sixth this week, and had 224.

“It was a long overdue win. It seemed like it has been forever since I was in the top three, and it was needed. The race went good. I went a long way under green, and had a good run with nobody up there, so that helped. I want to thank my grandfather, Dave St. Clair, for giving me a chance to drive the car. I want to thank my mother and father, and all my family and friends who all help me every week: Chris Doolen, Matt Abbott, Casey St. Clair, and my aunt Barbara, as well as Dave’s World, my sponsor,” Josh St. Clair said postrace.

A 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature was next. It was a one-caution race, and was sped through with a lot of initial action. Starting at the pole was Nick Bissell. In second was Shawn Kimball. Behind was Mike Bolduc.

When green flag racing began, Kimball took the lead, gained a two-car advantage, and despite a caution during lap four, never relinquished the lead. This season had been plagued with mechanical issues for Kimball and his crew, and it was his first appearance in victory lane since August of 2014.

Jimmy Childs, who was third in points coming into Saturday’s race, passed Bolduc during the opening lap for third. During lap two, Cody Tribbett, the current points leader, passed Childs for third. Tribbet then bumped Bissell, and passed for second. Childs followed Tribbet and again claimed third.

During lap six Childs headed to the inside, and after racing side-by-side with Tribbet for a lap, completed the pass for second. Race leaders remained constant until the finish.

Kimball went home with first, Childs second and Tribbet third.

The one race that did not have a new face in victory lane was the Modified class. A 30-lap feature saw plenty of action, but six-time winner, Mark Lucas, again proved himself the man to beat on the track, speeding to a seventh victory. The results of the race are unofficial, however, pending results of an engine inspection which had not been completed by night's end.

Starting at the pole was Ron Bryant. To his right was Kevin Douglas. In third was Richard Jordan. Lucas passed Jordan during the opening lap for third. There was then a caution as Jairet Harrison and Douglas scraped together on the track. Harrison headed to the pits, but Douglas was able to stay on the track, although he started at the back after caution end.

The new race order put Steve Reno in third. Bryant was in the lead. Lucas was in second. On the ensuing restart, Lucas shot to the lead. Reno went down on the track during lap two and passed Bryant for second.

During lap 14, Reno spun on the track to bring out a caution. Bryant advanced to second. Douglas worked his way from the back of the pack, and moved into third.

When action resumed on the track, Douglas passed Bryant for second. Reno worked his way back up the track. He passed Bryant for third during lap 16. Reno then headed outside and passed Douglas during lap 20 for second. Reno sped up the track, but was unable to catch Lucas before race conclusion. Lucas, who was first in points coming into the race, took the win. Harrison was second in with 294. Jordon, with 266 points, was third.

A Strictly Street 25-lap feature was quick and action-packed. On the pole was Cody Verrill. To the right was Kimberly Knight. Behind, in third, was Chandler Harrison. The opening lap was filled with leader changes as Knight advanced to first and Verrill moved to second. Dan Brown advanced to third.

Verrill fell off the pace, hanging up Brown for a moment, during lap two. Bryan Robbins advanced to second, and Brown fell to third. During lap three, Robbins passed Knight for the lead. Knight fell to third when Brown completed a pass during lap four. Kyle Hewins passed Knight for third during lap four.

The trio raced for position. Kurt Hewins joined them after he had raced from his ninth-place start. Kurt Hewins was able to get under Kyle Hewins during lap 12. Kurt Hewins and Kyle Hewins raced door-to-door until lap 14, when Kurt Hewins was able to complete a pass, to take third.

As the race leaders headed for the checkered, Knight and Verrill tangled on the track. The race ended under caution as Robbins took the win. Brown placed second. Kurt Hewins took third.

Third-place finisher Kurt Hewins was points leader coming into the race, with 310. Kyle Hewins was below him with 306 points. Brown was third with 286 points.

It was Robbins first win in more than a year, yet another new face in victory lane.

Wrapping up the night's entertainment was a 100-lap Enduro. The Enduro feature saw 36 cars compete for the win. Lap one leaders included Dylan Lancaster, Michael Duffy, Ron Whitcomb, Frank Brown and Russell Collins.

Lap 10 saw Lancaster in the lead, Whitcomb in second and Mike Mason in third. By lap 20, Whitcomb had dropped to fourth. Mason advanced to second, and in third was Craig Landry. Whitcomb fell out of contention during lap 47, when he lost a right front tire, which bounced down the front stretch, nearly clearing the front stretch wall.

Lap 73 saw a jumble coming out of turn one, and the leaders were caught up in it. Despite this stumbling block, Lancaster, Mason and Landry stayed among the top three.

Through lap 99, Lancaster remained in the lead. Mason and Landry were in second and third. Lancaster lost power during those last two laps, and fell off the pace. Mason took the lead. Landry took second. Mason maintained the lead until the finish. Landry placed second and Lancaster third.

The individual race results for July 18 were:

Late Model Sportsman (45 laps) — 1, Josh St. Clair, Liberty; 2, Steve Minott, Windham; 3, Will Collins, Waldoboro; 4, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 5, Chuck Colby, Wiscasset; 6, Shane Clark, Winterport; 7, Andrew McLaughlin, Harrington; 8, Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 9, Dave St. Clair, Liberty; 10, T.J. Watson, Cundy's Harbor; 11, Allen Moeller, Dresden; 12, Richard Jordan, Kingsfield; 13, Craig Robbins, Palermo; 14, Brenton Parritt, Steuben; 15, Tyler Robbins, Montville; 16, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 17, Ben Erskine, Farmington; 18, Alex Waltz, Walpole; 19, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 20, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; and 21, Jay Bailey, Wiscasset.

Outlaw Mini (25 laps) — 1, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 2, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 3, Cody Tribbet, Richmond; 4, Brent Roy, Vassalboro; 5, Mike Bolduc, Palermo; 6, Shane Smith, Augusta; 7, Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; and 8, Nick Bissell, Palermo.

Modifieds (30 laps, unofficial results, pending engine inspection) — 1, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 2, Steve Reno, West Bath; 3, Kevin Douglas, Sidney; 4, Ron Bryant, Livermore; 5, Richard Jordan, Kingsfield; 6, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 7, Todd Ladd, Farmington; and 8, Jairet Harrison, Freeport.

Strictly Street (25 laps) — 1, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 2, Dan Brown, Peru; 3, Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 4, Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 5, Skip Trip, Turner; 6, Mac Hannon, Union; 7, Chanler Harrison, Freeport; 8, Kimberly Knight, Chesterville; 9, Cody Verrill, Wiscasset; and 10, Maurice Young, Chelsea.

Enduro (100 laps) — 1, Mike Mason; 2, Craig Landry; 3, Dylan Lancaster; 4, Kamren Knowles; 5, Scott Eck; 6, Andrew Glynn; 7, Shane Knight; 8, Nike Snyder; 9, David Hamel; 10, Logan Leach; 11, Grady Lane; 12, Dustin Gordon; 13, Michael Duffy; 14, Jake Allen; 15, Mike Marshall; 16, Vern Hodgkins Jr.; 17, Russell Collins; 18, Brad Clement; 19, Tim Johnson; 20, Jeff Minchin Jr.; 21, Travis Knight; 22, Frank Brown; 23, Merrill Chapman; 24, Ira Hatch; 25, Stanley Lawrence; 26, Rin Whitcomb; 27, Shelby Brannon; 28, Brianna Bodman; 29, Griffin Laney; 30, Rick Goddard; 31, Matt Shockley; 32, Jeremiah Knight; 33, Joey Doyon; 34, Kimberly Knight; 35, Roy Glidden; and 36, Jason Stanley.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.

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