This week, we asked readers how much alcohol they are comfortable consuming before getting behind the wheel. The graph below shows the results, with other answers including "don't drink," "18," "depends on if you eat or not," "ZERO TOLERANCE would keep our roads safest, take the guesswork out of figuring if it's safe for me to drive, and would show the citizens that we are DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT STOPPING IMPAIRED DRIVING !!" and "at least a dozen. Duh."

This week, we are wondering what type of use people would like to see on the former Maskers Theater property. Belfast City Council recently approved demolition of the building after some of the historic elements are removed and councilors are debating how best to spend money allotted for remediating soil contamination based on the future use of the property. (Need more info? Read the full story here.) Results of the poll will be published in the Aug. 13 edition of The Republican Journal.

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