The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27:




Walker Revocable Joint Trust to Linwood K. Walker Estate


Linwood K. Walker Estate to Michael E. Cressey


Kathryn L. Heald to Lou Ann S. Jackson and John S. Contella


Ralph Andrew Oyen and Suzanne Ruth Trumbell to Suzanne Ruth Trumbull and Ralph Andrew Oyen


Stentorian Properties LLC to TK Properties Inc.




James M. Hanson and Jeanne S. Hanson to James M. Hanson II


Kevin L. Jordan and Nancy W. Jordan to Rodney Littlefield Jr.




T R Dillon Logging Inc. to Lloyd L. Poland




Irene E. Bickford Estate to Shawn H. Bickford


Zoella Sawyer to Zoella Sawyer and Melissa Sue Collins


Stephen J. Libby, Anne I. Libby, and Anne-Elizabeth Libby to Mark T. Goggin


Laurel Sampson, Suzanne Wardwell, and Roger E. Pooler Jr. to Earl Thompson and Judy Thompson




Katherine Humphrey to Justin O. Humphrey and Shizuko M. Humphrey




T R Dillon Logging Inc. to Lloyd L. Poland




Patricia McDonald to Patricia McDonald and Cheryl A. Curry




Rita Spector Estate to Bruce E. Spector and Liane Mohler Spector


Thomas Vella Salvatore Living Trust to Joanne Vandegrift and Nelson Vandegrift


Irwin Trust to Camden Land and Water Inc.


Michael C. Sloan to LFD Atlantic Highway LLC




Donald L. Moffit Estate to Lyndsey Monroe Marston and Curtis F. Marston




Charles G. Gunderson to Gregory R. Corey


Rachel D. Johnson Estate to David A. Johnson, Peter N. Johnson, and Dale P. Johnson


Dale P. Johnson to Peter N. Johnson


David A. Johnson to Peter N. Johnson




Janet E. Eckrote and Richard G. Eckrote to Mark E. White


No Location Given:


Catherine May Mesaric Estate to Sandra Woodward




Joanna Bagnulo and John Bagnulo to Garo Armen




Green Tree Servicing LLC and Carole-Terese Naser to Federal National Mortgage Association




Walter Lamont Jr. to Chandler S. Blodgett and Katherine E. Blodgett


Melissa Anne Lamont and Melissa McGraw to Walter Lamont Jr., Chandler S. Blodgett and Katherine E. Blodgett


Kimberly A. Hubbard and Larry A. Hubbard to David C. Lewis




Barbara K. Perry and Peter T. Perry to Holly McFaul


Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006-NC5 to Robin L. Nicholas and David L. Nicholas


George B. Kerper Jr. to George B. Kerper Jr. and Linda J. Calista


Beneficial Maine Inc. to Nicholas Dakin and Jami Dakin


Nicholas Dakin and Jami Dakin to Nick and Jami's Properties LLC


Debra L. Harriman to Joanna W. Owen Revocable Trust Agreement


Stockton Springs:


Gary L. McLaughlin to Byron A. Crowe




Mary Ann Brown, Mary Ann Everett, Maryann Everett, Maryann Sue Everett, Citifinancial Servicing LLC, and Maryann L. Everett to Citifinancial Servicing LLC


Aloma Jackson and Bruce Jackson to Lynne Currie-Rodrigue and Joseph H. Rodrigue




Bank of America NA and Heather Collins to Bank of America NA




Janice M. Pycha and Steven P. Guthrie to Lynne M. Lavoie and Maxwell L. McCormack Jr.


Matthew Converse to Crystal D. Levesque and James B. Caron


Frances M. Almeida to Pamela Dean




Jessica Kingsbury and Casey Kingsbury to Debra Isdal-Giroux


Meagan J. Nakagawara and Meagan Gilley to Herbert R. Gilley Jr.


William L. White and Linda K. White to Dustin M. Grinnell


Lisa A. Cherry and Joseph E. Cherry to Hannah M. Livingston and Blaine R. Livingston


Queens Park Oval Asset Holding Trust to Eric Johnson


Carol Jordan to Miriam Siefken and Christopher Siefken