Registration is now open for new art classes and workshops for adults at Waterfall Arts, 256 High St. New offerings include Basic Drawing and Color Theory, Photopolymer Printmaking, Alabaster Stone Carving, Darkroom Photography, Color Etching, Casting with Clay and Hand-Painting Photos.

Well-known teaching artist Kris Engman leads Basic Drawing, an eight-week (beginning Tuesday, Sept. 29) fundamental approach to drawing that includes a broad-based definition of visual perception — the business of seeing.

She also is teaching Painting: Color Theory I and II, which begin Friday, Oct. 2. In Color Theory I the class moves sequentially through a series of exercises that demonstrate the behavior of color in certain conditions. In Color Theory II, color structure, harmonic relationships, composition, application of paint, expanding the palette and finding color balance within the paintings.

Waterfall Arts is bucking the dominance of digital photography with its new traditional black and white darkroom and introductory film photography course. Mike Fletcher will lead the class in the basic use of 35mm film, with instruction in developing and printing techniques. The class begins Monday, Oct. 19, and runs once a week through Nov. 23.

On Nov. 9, Liv Kristin Robinson will teach a Hand-Painting Photos workshop and show how to transform black and white photographs using oil-based pigments.

In the Printmaking Studio, Kris Sader will introduce new methods of copper plate printing with her three-day workshop, Photopolymer Prints, Oct. 14 through 16. In this evening workshop, students will learn to incorporate digital or photographic imagery into the intaglio process and create unique prints.

Richard Mann is conducting a Color Etching class Monday evenings from Oct. 20 to Nov. 10. Students will learn multiple-plate aquatint printing, including four-color process printing.

Alabaster Stone Carving is the focus of Anne Alexander’s weekend workshop, Oct. 16 through 18. She’ll show students how to carve pieces of alabaster stone into organic forms, using chisels, files, saws, drills and demonstrate finishing techniques.

Anna Queen introduces Casting with Clay on Monday evenings, Nov. 9 through 23. Students will learn the basics of plaster mold design from simple press molds to multiple-piece slip casting forms. Queen says clay casting gives the artist the ability to replicate form and texture to alter, manipulate, rearrange or assemble into their own sculptural or functional vision.

Saturday Life Drawing Group continues to meet weekly from 9:30 a.m. to noon. This is a non-instructional, supportive group with different models each week.

Complete listings and fee information can be found at, where one can register and pay online. One also may call 338-2222 or stop by the office. All classes have minimum and maximum enrollment thresholds, so early registration will improve the chances of the class running and a slot in it.

Since 2000, Waterfall Arts has served as the Midcoast Region’s non-profit community art center, offering innovative classes, open studios, free after school art clubs, workshops, exhibitions, studio rentals, and cultural events. The center is supported by the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Maine Community Foundation, private donations and yearlong business sponsor, Revision Energy.