The following real estate transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 28 and Sept. 3:




Maxine A. Brownell and Lawrence R. Brownell Sr. to Carol Houghton and Graham Houghton


Brent L. Oliver and Susan M. Oliver to Paul St. Germain


John W. Wear Revocable Trust to Anthony J. Machowski and Kathryn Shagas


Lawrence D. Oxton to Jean E. Oxton and Jean E. Brown


US National Bank Association and Rachel A. Booker to US National Bank Association


City of Belfast to Dana L. Keene and Cynthia B. Keene


City of Belfast to Margaret Daggett


Nancy A. Slamin to Jan N. Luke and John M. Luke


Russell K. Barber and Mary Bigelow to Camilla Cochrane




Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Katrina Tozier


First NA to David L. Beckford


Pamela Young to Thomas R. Hooper




Russell Read and Andrea Reed to Oak Hill Investments Inc.




Roger W. Huff and Susan C. Huff to Charles A. Proctor


Clara Nickerson to Daniel Russell




Kathleen A. Carle to Glenn A. Sporie




Christopher Banikiotes, Joseph Dilernia, and Rosemarie Dilernia to Frank N. Lavalley




Emerson H. Doughty to Linwood Doughty, Laura L. Doughty, Karen Doughty and Wayne E. Doughty




Michael J. Leblanc to Michael J. Vose and Rebecca R. Vose




John F. Buckley and Diane R. Buckley to John A. Stewart and Jennifer B. Stewart


John A. Stewart and Jennifer B. Stewart to John F. Buckley and Diane R. Buckley


R. Alan Koski to William G. Morong Family Revocable Trust


Richard A. Mulford and Dorothy Ann Mulford to Cathryne V. Heskett and Michael D. Heskett


Arlene J. Day and Joshua T. Day to Bethany Allgrove and Warren W. Allgrove III




Mallery A. Dalto to Phillip A. Dalto


Town of Monroe to Matthew S. Powers




Joseph R. Thornley and Sallyrae Thornley to Dashiell W. Albright and Janelle K. Thornley




First NA to David L. Beckford


Edwin H. Greeley to Edwin H. Greeley and Susan N. Greeley




Linda L. Doubleday to Tamra M. Wilt and Jeffrey L. Wilt


Barton Lee Patrick to Jane B. Phillips




Gerald D. Stillman and Dorothy G. Stillman to Maurice A. Haskell Jr.


Donald W. Torgeson and Natalie A. Torgeson to Lloyd Harris Jr.


Brandon R. O'Clair and Paul R. Doyon Jr. to Leonard M. Bazile Jr. and Rebecca H. Bazile




Amy Ritzhaupt-Marcus and Robert Marcus to Pamela Carson and Terry Carson


Jessica A. Clements and Gordon H. Clements Jr. to Dennis A. Kienow and Judy A. Kienow




R. Alan Koski to William G. Morong Family Revocable Trust




Denise W. Goodman Living Trust to James K. Rose


Shirley E. Blanchard Estate to Betty C. Johnson, Mary M. Blanchard, and Betty B. Johnson


Albert N. Blanchard Estate to Betty C. Johnson, Mary M. Blanchard, and Betty B. Johnson


Betty B. Johnson to Betty B. Johnson and Lyle W. Johnson


Stockton Springs:


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to LR Investments Trust




Lila M. Nation to Sarah S. Nicholson


Rhonda Colcord and Rhonda Sutfin to Andy E. Grover and Wendy L. Grover




Exeter Land LLC to Cathryn A. Harjung and Paul D. Harjung




Scott Foster to Foster Family Revocable Trust




Floyd A. Welch Estate to Francklin Simon


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Mary L. Bess and David E. Bess




Minnie A. Reigle to Edward G. Wood and Sharma N. Wood


Megan I. O'Roak and Jonah C. O'Roak to Derek Dean Johnson and Melissa Jean Johnson


James Todd and Kathleen Todd to Madeleine M. Farren and Elmer E. Farren