The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Sept. 18 and Sept. 24:




Sandra L. Lackovic-Eastman, Sandra L. Lackovic, and Brian Baker to Jan M. Gorton


John A. Lucarelli and Judith M. Lucarelli to Marsha T. Siviski and Robert W. Siviski


Kenneth J. Wentworth to Bruce L. Wood


Jeffrey D. Richards, Deborah L. Hussey and Deborah L. Richards to Jacqueline K. Wilson




Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Feras M. Elyounis




Rena F. Eliassen and John c. Eliassen to Julie L. Harding and Ryan P. Harding


Mary G. Thompson to Naomi M. Porter and Charles Donald Porter




Pauline B. Clark and Pauline B. Calder to Pauline B. Calder and Crystal O. Coffin


Linda J. Huntington and Charles S. Hackett to Tracy L. Tufo and Mark R. Tufo




Angel Lee Ripley and Wayne Allen Ripley to Harald J. Christiansen and Pamela Rae Christiansen




Jeffrey D. Angle and Judith A. Angle to Michael G. MacDougall




Robert D. Royds Jr. to Robert F. Royds


Peter Gaposchkin Estate and Peter John Arthur Gaposchkin Estate to George Haramundanis and Sergei Haramundanis




Town of Knox to Jacob C. Bryant




Carol McGovern, Becky Boyer and Robert Snow to Robert Snow


Carol McGovern, Becky Boyer and Robert Snow to Carol McGovern and Danny J. McGovern


Robert Snow to Robert Snow and Judith Snow




Montville Associates and Frank Hernandez to Montville Associates


Jack Martin to Michael Ripley and Chrystina Ripley


No Location Given:


Ruby M. Tweedie Estate to Donna E. Shute, Linda Dixon, and Terrie L. Griffiths




William Russell Hawn Jr. to Cynthia A. Condon


Caswell Hill LLC to Charles Yarnell




Hagop V. Demirdjian and Helene F. Demirdjian to Kerry L. Spurling


Janet G. West and Glenwood L. West to Angela R. West and Dwayne A. West


Alan F. Peabody and Regina F. Peabody to Geraldine Hamel and Stacy Hamel




Roxanne Celeste Costigan and Roxanne Celeste Stewart to Stephen Wayne Crowley




First NA to Connie Butler and Duane Butler




Dale L. Fowler to Dale L. Fowler and Jane Marie W. Fowler


Caesar P. Schinella Living Trust to Haylay Rae and Jacob Hartigan


Seaboard Federal Credit Union to Joshua Hanson


Sandra P. Talbot to El Morse


Lynda F. Ward and Linda F. Ward to Jeffrey K. Beemer and Susan J. Beemer


SSI Properties Inc to Caswell Hill LLC


Penquis C.A.P. Inc. to Kathleen M. Stokes and Alfred C. Stokes


Penquis C.A.P. Inc. to Kathleen M. Stokes and Alfred C. Stokes


Stockton Springs:


Northbrook Properties Inc and Birch Island Builders to Liversidge Property Development LLC




David A. Gaudet and Martha F. Gaudet to Glenn Bienfest and Amy S. Bienfest




Trott Forest Products Inc. to James A. Cobb and Lori A. Cobb




Wendell G. Corey and Diana L. Corey to Holly Cyr




Town of Unity to Emily G. Poulin and Richard G. Poulin


Richard G. Poulin and Emily G. Poulin to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC


Robert E. Knowles to Annette Fedyna-Japhet and Annette Japhet-Schultz


Katherine V. Rowe. Katherine V. Morrison, and Richard L. Morrison II to Elsie Miller and Jonathan Miller


Robert Dale Bishop to Robert Dale Bishop and Margaret E. Bishop




Pauline B. Clark and Pauline B. Calder to Pauline B. Calder and Crystal O. Coffin


Alan Wancus to Jacob Poulin


Karen A. Barrett and Lawrence M. Barrett to Katherine L. Bragg and Timothy A. Bragg


Louise C. Beaumont and Edgar Beaumont III to Central Maine Power Company


Edgar Beaumont Jr. to Central Maine Power Company


Jeffrey H. Kaelin to Christopher Michael Noyes