The Lincolnville Select Board joined Rep. Christine Burstein, D-Lincolnville and new Lincolnville Planning Board member Dorothy Havey Sept. 28 in honoring Lois Lyman for her years of service to the town.

Lyman was a member of the town's Planning Board for 14 years, and according to Havey, her comprehensive plan developed for the town is used as a model for other towns around the state.

"Someone taught me a lesson a long time ago that if you live in a town and love it, do something about it," Lyman said. "If you love the town or want to make change, it does not happen from the outside, it has to happen from the inside."

The Legislative Sentiment was co-authored by Burstein and Senate President Michael Thibodeau, who represents Waldo County. Havey also works for Thibodeau's office.