KidsPeace, a 133-year-old children’s service organization, has been selected through a competitive bidding process by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to lead efforts to recruit foster families for Maine’s population of vulnerable foster children. The program, “A Family for ME,” seeks to ensure an adequate number of foster families for Maine’s children who are currently in the foster care system and for whom a foster or adoptive home placement is needed.

DHHS' Office of Child and Family Services has recently brought attention to the shortage of foster families throughout Maine. Nearly 2,000 children are currently in foster care throughout the state. The majority of these children are temporarily in foster care while their parents resolve safety concerns and progress towards reunification with them.

When reunification is not successful, children become members of a permanent family through adoption. Of those children currently in foster care, approximately 100 are in need of an identified family interested in adopting them.

A Family for ME will be recruiting foster and adoptive families in all Maine communities statewide to meet the needs of Maine’s foster youth. “The need is great and exists in every community in the state,” said Ken Olson, executive director of KidsPeace National Centers of New England. “KidsPeace is trying to reach the widest audience possible to ensure each foster youth’s ‘best match’ is found.”

In addition to widespread recruitment efforts to increase the number of families available to Maine’s foster youth, KidsPeace has also accepted the responsibility of finding potential adoptive families for children identified by DHHS as needing a permanent placement. Child-specific recruitment will be concise and concerted, expediting permanency for youth who are in need of a “forever family.”

Information for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a foster or adoptive family is available at or by calling 844-893-6311. Anyone who is interested in learning more is encouraged to call or visit the website.