Mt. Waldo Plastics of Frankfort on Oct. 14 unveiled two new lines of pink snow shovels that soon will be available at stores throughout the Northeast.

Net proceeds of the specialty shovels will go directly to Eastern Maine Medical Center Cancer Care.

Mike and Stacy Thibodeau of Winterport are the owners of Mt. Waldo Plastics. Last year they introduced the pink Snofighter shovel, sales of which raised more than $13,000 for cancer research in Maine.

With the addition of two new shovels, Mountain Mover and Snow Pusher, Mike Thibodeau says he hopes to triple the money they made for cancer research the previous year.

“Last year we started with the modest goal of raising a few thousand dollars for Cancer Care," he said. "What happened exceeded our wildest expectations. People really seem to love these colorful shovels and the fact that they’re raising money for such an important cause.”

The money raised from the sales of the pink shovels will help fund crucial cancer research in Maine.

Jenifer Lloyd, philanthropy officer for EMMC Foundation and a cancer survivor, said that makes a huge difference to those battling cancer.

“When cancer survivors see that a company is keeping its word, like Mt. Waldo Plastics is, and keeping the research money local, it gives them a lot of hope,” she said.