The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 16 and Oct. 23:




Mary Christ, Allan Christ and Marsha Oakes to Jane McLean and John Elberfeld


George S. Squibb Estate and George S. Squibb III Estate to John G. Lewis and Robin M. Lewis


Neal E. Wood and Neal E. Wood Sr. to Scott Leal Wood and Neal Elroy Wood Jr.


Catherine S. McTaggart and John L. McTaggart Jr. to John L. Jr. and Catherine S. McTaggart Revocable Trust


LL & C Real Estate LLC to John L. McTaggart Jr. to John L. Jr. and Catherine S. McTaggart Revocable Trust




Annette M. Howard and Robert Howard to Jerry Howard Jr.




Paul E. Descoteaux and Ramona P. Descoteaux to Matthew A. Colby


Stephen J. Gallant to Stephen J. Gallant and Bonnie S. Gallant




Jean M. Simeone to John B. Simeone Jr.


Mary L. Page Revocable Trust to Mary L. Page


Mary L. Page to Michael P. Dickey Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust




William Pelrine to Jacob D. Brugger




J. William Druary Jr. to Carl F. Schoeppl


Peter J. P. Brickfield to Andrew M. Staples


Benjamin W. Berg, Robert I. Berg, and Elijah Berg to Elijah Berg and Benjamin W. Berg


Janet Gilligan, Harris Pendleton and Lydia T. Pendleton Estate to Brian Matthew Gilligan, Kevin Michael Gilligan, Paul William Gilligan, Rachel Louise Novica, Kristie Ann Pendleton and Monica Elaine Tolman


Kristie Ann Pendleton and Kristie Pendleton Bourkas to Earl F. Durkee


Monica Elaine Tolman and Monica Pendleton Tolman to Earl F. Durkee


Rachel Louise Novica and Rachel Louise Pendleton to Earl F. Durkee


Brian Matthew Gilligan to Earl F. Durkee


Kevin Michael Gilligan to Earl F. Durkee


Paul William Gilligan to Earl F. Durkee




Debora J. Penney to Jennifer S. Penney


Arthur E. Kenney and Robin L. Kenney to Michele Philbrick and Paul Philbrick




Patrica B. Smith to Patricia B. Smith Irrevocable Trust




Bonnie W. Johnson and Paul R. Johnson to Sharon Creech Rigg and Lyle D. Rigg


Lora E. Hall to Lowell D. Hall, Richard C. Hall and Michael S. Hall


Christine Buckley and Phillip Clement to John Allan




Twitchell Hill Community Inc. to Helga Lecount and Vernon R. Lecount


Joel S. Gardner to Joel S. Gardner, Sabrena Marie Gardner and Belinda Jean Erskine




Mary L. Page Revocable Trust to Mary L. Page


Mary L. Page to Page Family Irrevocable Trust


Harold E. and Andrea L. Hede Revocable Trust to Kathleen A. Robbins and Michael F. Robbins


Carol Jackson and Stanley R. Jackson to Jackson Family Living Trust




Leon E. Rowe and Mary L. Rowe to Lauren Cormier


Anne Y. O'Bara and Anne O'Bara to Anne O'Bara Living Trust




Stanley M. Lanphier Jr. to Rogena Whalen and Stanley Collins




Hollis A. Calhoun Living Trust to Dawn M. Caswell and Jeffrey D. Caswell


Joy R. Fearney Estate to Robert Snedeker Jr., Annette Torsak, and Charles Stratton


Stockton Springs:


Heidi Hallett to Daniel C. McLuan


Joan W. Lafaso to Diane V. Patterson




Benjamin C. King to Sean J. Andrews, Katherine V. Trickey, and Elizabeth K. Trickey


Sally R. Luce to Michele K. Scribner




Stephanie L. Oliver and Leonard Darnell Oliver to Oliver Living Trust


Two Chairs Inc. to Dickel Floor Corporation


Jean A. Truitt and Chester G. Truitt to Chester G. Truitt Jr.