The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29:




Sarah D. Mcleod and Sarah D. Bowen to Sarah D. Bowen and Tyler S. Bowen




Sandra J. Adams to Ly Ha




Eric C. Hedberg to Cindy T. Perez




Robert C. Johnston Estate to Carol Johnston, Kathryn Johnston, Barbara Johnston and Kenneth Johnston




Louis R. Dagostino to Ashling M. Barr and Glenn A. MacEachern


Gwendolyn M. Philbrook Estate to Ronald V. Philbrook


Ronald V. Philbrook to Diana Glover


Ronald V. Philbrook to Joseph Klein III


Keybank National Association and James A. Morrison Jr. to Keybank National Association


Robert B. McKenzie and Bonnie B. McKenzie to Anthony Martorella and Laura Martorella


William G. Fitzcharles to Holly S. Edwards and David S. Edwards




Dorothy M. Orabona Estate to Robin Elaine Rosie


Town of Monroe to Kenneth Nealley and Holly Nealley


Kenneth Nealley and Holly Nealley to Augustus Clifford and Maureen Clifford


St. George Realty Trust to Michael R. Hafford and Teresa L. Hafford




Daniel David Doyle and Carol Diana Doyle to Laura Suomi-Lecker and Donald Lecker


Michael L. Giggey to Richard L. Fickett and Millicent M. Fickett


Damariscotta Bank and Trust Company, Brian S. Drinkwater, and Tonya L. Drinkwater to Damariscotta Bank and Trust Co.


Malcolm E. Harriman, Malcolm Harriman, and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Roland Singer III


Sandra M. Tryon and Sandra M. Spinney to Sandra M. Spinney and John R. Spinney




Dorothy M. Hawley to Peter C. Hawley


Joan E. Bowen to Lori W. Hunt and Charles Hunt III




Jonathan M. Hansen to Arron E. Hughes and Russell L. Hughes


Michael R. Voth and Adam D. Voth to G & O Trust


Joan B. Organ to Karen A. Foxwell


Joan B. Organ Trust to Karen A. Foxwell


Shirley Faulkingham to Karen A. Foxwell


Etta H. Bryant and Michael E. Bryant to Karen A. Foxwell




Arthur R. Sampson to Will L. Gillis


Nancy B. Beecher to Myles T. Reid


Michael W. T. Beckwith, Angela M. Whitman, and Angela M. Beckwith to Gloria J. Giles and Glenn E. Giles




Pensco Trust Company Cust. To Peggy J. Rose




Robert A. Bailey to Jennifer S. Penney




Kathleen Stickland and Kenneth A. Strickland Jr. to Megan J. Work and Jason Work


Brad E. Rollerson and Tracy K. Rollerson to Ronald B. Merithew


Otto B. Vaughan Estate and Otto B. Vaughan Jr. Estate to Thomas W. Vaughan and Betty Palermo


Donald McNeal to Connie M. Appleby and Frank W. Appleby Jr.


Stockton Springs:


Michael H. Warren to Rebecca D. Steeves and Eric N. Peddle




Pamela D. Nelson and Donald A. Nelson to Mark D. Stennes and Paulina Franco


Town of Swanville to Clyde Peak




Alan L. Husson and Susan H. Husson to Holly A. Hein and Marc H. Hein


Alvin E. Cross Jr. to Dina-Lee A. Ford and Stephen E. Fleck




A. Anne Reynolds Estate and Arelete A. Reynolds Estate to Robert Parsons and Patricia Parsons




Sharon M. Davenport to Issac J. Contino




Linda L. Gamble and Dean S. Gamble to Kayla A. Fleming and Matthew S. Fleming