The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5:




Michael A. Williams and Valarie J. Williams to Bruce Spector and Liane Mohler


David H. Little to Barbara J. Lehn Living Trust


Mark A. Kelley and Martha L. Kelley to Marcia Cooper


Jonathan S. Frakes and Eugenie A. Francis to Frakes and Francis Family Trust


Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust to CR Properties 2015 LLC


Vinton Whitcomb to Everett H. Curtis


Bonnie L. Becker to Roberta Tatro


Juanita L. Carl to Juanita L. Carl Irrevocable Trust


Douglas G. Brown to Megan Leary


Megan Leary to Martin J. Crowe


Paul Naron to Paul Naron Revocable Trust


Lane Construction Corporation to Julian Corriveau and Steven M. Corriveau Jr.


Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Kevin Hews


Brian K. Cooper to Kevin Hews


Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Coldbrook Lane Homeowner's Association




Jonathan Thomas to Duke Simoneau


Susan L. Nolan and Susan L. Thies to Heidi J. Meunier




Roberta L. Tatro to Coby Hutchins


David E. White to Deedra R. Davis


Darryl White Estate to Deedra R. Davis




Kathleen T. O'Connor to Jennifer Hamel


Jacqueline Ludden to F.C. Work & Sons Inc.




Stefan A. Topolski to Joann Topolski


Joann Topolski to Rebecca Ann Lord


Brenda W. Moody and Carl L. Moody to Neil M. Lehoux




Orrin M. Todd, Nicole L. Rubenstein and Nicole L. Todd to Mary E. Clewett and Shauna L. Lasbury


Robert B. McKenzie and Bonnie B. McKenzie to Michael Evans and Valarie Evans


Robert B. McKenzie and Bonnie B. McKenzie to James R. Hedgepeth


Meagan Isabel Eileen Martin Shertzer Estate and Meagan Shertzer Estate to Kevin M. O'Donnell


Meagan Isabel Eileen Martin Shertzer Estate and Meagan Shertzer Estate to Kevin M. O'Donnell




Joseph R. Thornley to Laura Suomi-Lecker and Donald Lecker




David F. Robotham Estate to Richard H. LaHaye Jr. and Pamela B. LaHaye




Bob Remsberg and Sue Remsberg to Susan G. Remsberg and Robert C. Remsberg


271 Deering LLC, Two Hundred Seventy-one Deering LLC, 1100 Atlantic Highway LLC, and One Thousand One Hundred Atlantic Highway LLC to Natasha Littlefield and Jeffrey F. Littlefield


Kenneth H. Kemp to Brittany Parise and Aaron Parise




Louis M. Trombetta to Lou-Ann Grant




Aldus Family Trust to Patricia Louise Ellis and Nathaniel W. Ellis




Lori L. Whitney and Lori L. Hunt to Karen Jacob and Jon G. Medeiros


Keybank National Association to Judson C. Colby


Judson C. Colby to Chayann Colby and Judson Colby


Patricia A. Wilson to Cynthia M. Zajac


Thomas W. Vaughan to Daniel Vaughan and Diane Libby


Betty Palermo to Daniel Vaughan and Diane Libby


Stockton Springs:


Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Benjamin Erskine, Melisa Erskine, Benjamin Neil Erskine, and Melissa A. Erskine to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation


Catherine Lee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation




John H. Merry III to George Keniston


WAMU Series 2007-HE3 to Elizabeth Preston




Lisa E. Wren to Barry A. McCormick




Juanita L. Carl to Louisa Carl


Town of Waldo to Valarie Curtis and Craig Curtis




Susan N. Patrick and Urey W. Patrick to N. Shane Giles and Janette L. Giles


Betty Lou Keating and Robert B. Keating to Justin A. Brown and Laura Brown


Constance B. Short to Luke D. Short