Unity College announced Nov. 9 its plans to build a new academic building and 74-bed, energy-efficient residence hall.

The $6 million in new construction is intended to meet increased enrollment and support student achievement, according to a news release from the college.

“At this time of increasing interest in sustainability science, we feel we need to make a strong commitment to support those students who have chosen America's Environmental College to launch their careers in high-growth green industries,” President-elect Melik Peter Khoury said in the news release. “That means supplying state-of-the-industry housing and academic spaces that support learning, community and sustainability.”

The new two-story, 18,200-square-foot residence hall will house incoming freshmen. It will be heated and cooled by air-source heat pumps.

About 79 percent of the college's student body lives on campus.

Construction of the new academic building might allow for Unity House, which serves as the presidential residence, to be used for additional academic, classroom and lab space, according to the news release.

Both buildings are expected to be complete by the 2016-2017 academic year.

Construction is expected to begin in late December or early January 2016.