The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Nov. 6 and Nov. 12:




City of Belfast to Tidewater Oil Company


Joan R. Trundy to Jason W. Trundy and Lorraine M. Trundy


Joan D. Clemons to Carissa M. Swiatek


William Cook to Samuel A. Green and Michelle A. Green


John P. Voge and Mary Lou Voge to ES-Maur Properties Inc.


Lianne Pottle to Kathleen Greiner and Richard Greiner




Jane Braley Peterson and Jane Peterson to Joseph D. Rich




Tamyra Owens to Toby J. Farrington and Cindy L. Farrington


Lawrence E. Tripp, Wendy S. Leali, and Wendy S. Tripp to Wendy S. Tripp and Lawrence E. Tripp




Evelyn G. Whitehouse to Islesboro Preschool


John E. Hossack Estate to Heather W. Hossack




Zach Trzaska and Zachary J. Trzaska to Alfred Marchand and Ann Sepe




Shirley J. Nason Trust and Harold D. Nason Trust to Gerald L. McAlpine


Richard E. Jacques to Huichen Chang




John W. Avener Estate to Glendon L. Mehuren II


John W. Avener Estate to Glendon L. Mehuren II




Dawn M. Roberts to Jeremy M. Roberts




Mary L. Page and Page Family Irrevocable Trust to Ellen V. Blodgett and Stevie A. Blodgett




Susan F. Malcolm Estate to Peter Malcolm


Richard Herrick to Peter Malcolm




Colleen Bridges, Colleen Damon, and Edward Alan Fairbrother Estate to Colleen Damon, Adam J. Fairbrother, and Jason A. Fairbrother




Winston G. Curtis, Jeanne A. Curtis, and Winston George Curtis to Ann J. Barclay


Stockton Springs:


Christopher Whitney, Brenda L. Whitney, and Brenda C. Whitney to Brenda L. Whitney and Christopher Whitney




Laila E. Morris to Brittany Ann Hummell and Dale F. Kohlmetz




Eldwin A. Wixson Trust to Stanley A. Luce and Jennifer L. Wixson




Alec Silas Reynolds to Alec Silas Reynolds


Barry Pagliaroli, Anthony Pagliaroli, Bruce Pagliaroli, Kenneth Pagliaroli, Patricia Pagliaroli, Ralph Pagliaroli, Patricia Lennon, Patricia Goodfriend, and Dean S. Pagliaroli to Dean S. Pagliaroli Sr. and Linda L. Frazee




Debra Lewis to Bryan K. Lewis