They slid in from all corners of the country to enjoy five days of camaraderie and their frozen passion — namely, curling.

They came from New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Maryland and Wisconsin, to name a few destinations.

They came to compete and, if they played well enough, to perhaps take home a national championship.

Thus was the mission of the 24 teams who participated in the 34th annual Senior Women's National Bonspiel, hosted by the Belfast Curling Club, on Wednesday through Sunday, Dec. 2-6.

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When the final stones had slid down the ice there were four event winners and runners-up recognized. There were two competing teams represented from several clubs. Participants were ages 55 and older.

Teams came from four regions of the United States Women’s Curling Association.

In keeping with curling tradition, the event was called "Yule Rock the Coast" and participants enjoyed Midcoast-themed holiday festivities for the duration.

Teams curled Thursday through the finals on Sunday.

The participating clubs and curlers were:

Albany (New York) — Marilyn Goldstein, Wendy Berger, Joy Campisano and Ruth Horton.

Albany (New York) — Roberta Crain, Florence Springstead, Cynthia Galivan and Betty Kelly.

Ardsley/Potomac (New York) — Diane Muldowney, Karen Luckey, Majik Jones and Barb Gabhart.

Belfast (Maine) — Bell Stone, Abbie Read, Anita King and Donna Fancy.

Broomstones/Ardsley (New York) — Jamie Hutchinson, Carolyn MacLeod, Nancy Clancy and Gwen Krailo-Lyons.

Broomstones (Massachusetts) — Shelley Dropkin, Judithy Cantlin-Ho, Suzanne Roy and Nancy Jennett.

Cape Cod (Massachusetts) — Sue Haigney, Pat Jones, Karin Benedict and Penny Gallagher.

Chesapeake (Maryland) – Lorrie Needles, Sandy Frederick, Pam Parks and Marie Gomoljak.

Green Mountain (Vermont) — Tish Orr, Meg O'Donnell, Liz Alton and Char Mehrtens.

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) — Rosemary Morgan, Jo Hess, Maggie McMahon and Pat Jolly.

Plainfield (Ohio) — Mary Ann Vermeulen, Andrea Stepnosky, Linda Carubia and Kathy Holewa.

Plainfield/Belfast (Ohio and Maine) — Gail Knight, Marylou Mitchell, Cindy Vallier and Lucy Harr.

Bowling Green (Ohio) — Mary Glowacki, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown and Mary Zaums.

Chicago (Illinois) — Julie Denten, Susan Bennett, Donna Slabas and Joby Berman.

Columbus (Ohio) — Mary May, Marlene Friedman, Leeanne Chandler and Sue O'Brien.

Mayfield (Ohio) — Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Dianne Coolidge and Liz Novak.

Mayfield (Ohio) — Jeannie Borland, Mary Jane Maisonville, Anne Vanic and Cheryl Drake.

Hibbing (Minnesota) — Jeriann Gherardi, Susan Perunovich, Debbie Sullivan and Joanne Baratto.

St. Paul (Minnesota) — Myke Rachu, Judy Olsen, Jean McCann and Maureen Guay.

Coyotes (Colorado) — Kelly Stephens, Marnie Devlin, Denise Juillard and Tracy Drummond.

Denver (Colorado) — Pam Finch, Alex Merrell, Pat Davis and Karen Bronson.

Kettle Moraine (Wisconsin) — Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Flip Flemming and Mary Rasmussen.

Madison (Wisconsin) — Bridget Matzke, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page and Anne Pryor.

Racine (Wisconsin) — Barb Vanderleest, Gail Armstrong, Paula Kalke and Sandy Antonneau.

The A event winner was Kettle Moraine, with St. Paul the runners-ups. The B event winner was Broomstones, with Mayfield the runners-up. The C event winner was Chicago, with Belfast the runners-up. The D event winner was Philadelphia, with Green Mountain the runners-up.

Of special note was a rare eight-ender executed by by Marilyn Goldstein from one of the Albany teams. An eight-ender is when a team manages to get all eight of their curling rocks/stones to score during a single end without the opponent scoring.

The events included an opening party, ceremonies and the ceremonial first stone on Dec. 2, curling matches Dec. 3-5 and the finals Dec. 6. Bagpipes were played to open the final round.

“As the only curling club in the state of Maine, we are honored to have been selected to host this year’s event,” said event chairwoman Abbie Read before the event. "The Belfast Curling Club has a 56-year tradition of hosting new and established curlers at events like this throughout the season. We are pleased to opportunity to host players from across the country on behalf of the USWCA.”