A passerby's quick thinking and the rapid response of the town's fire department kept a chimney fire from spreading Feb. 22.

Lincolnville Fire Department responded to a chimney fire around 12:45 p.m. at 6 Winslow Drive and was able to keep damage to the rest of the house to a minimum. The home is owned by George and Rosemary Winslow.

According to Fire Chief Ben Hazen, a caretaker for the Winslows left the residence and was flagged down by a passerby when returning. The caretaker was then told of flames and smoke coming from the chimney.

"There was a lot of thick, black smoke and flames coming from the chimney when we arrived and we were able to knock it down before it got out of control," Hazen said. "There is a pretty good-sized crack in the lining, making the chimney inoperable, and the third floor did fill with smoke. However, there was no fire damage to the structure."

Hazen said fire crews were at the scene for about an hour and seven firefighters responded to the call.

"We were a little short-handed today; however, everyone did their job and we were able to keep the damage mostly to the chimney," he said.