As has become tradition, Waldo County high schools participating in the upcoming Maine Drama Festival are taking their competitive one-act plays on the road, to hone their productions (and travel/set-up skills) and to share their work with their communities.

The tour is set for Thursday, Feb. 25, at Belfast Area High School, 98 Waldo Ave.; Friday, Feb. 26, at Searsport District High School, 24 Mortland Road; and Saturday, Feb. 27, in the Clifford Performing Arts Center of Mount View High School, Route 220 in Thorndike. All evenings begin at 6 p.m., with a $5 donation requested at the door.

Belfast’s troupe, directed by Sonja Richardson, has chosen "Booby Trap" by Ed Monk, a wartime tale set in the near future. The cast features Cameron Pillitteri, Cassandra Cunningham, Tyler Salo, Aiden Pike, Caleb Ackley, Victoria Curtis, Macartney Wyatt, Skyler R. Bean, Eilha Charbonnier, Morgan Suderley, Brittany Steele, Alison Hills, Olivia Andrews, Dalia Far, William Bickford, Annie Wirth and Ewelina Oles.

Students on the production crew include Charles Evan Lagerbom, Quentin Marriner, Jess Tucker, Kendra Belden, Alyssa Limeburner, Elionore Compere, Tayler Nickerson, Alexis Racioppi, Genevieve Schortz, Shera Hilt, Alison Hills and Alyson Peabody. In addition to Richardson, adults along for the ride are Val Henderson, Michael Lawson and Ian Howard.

Searsport offers “Three Asian Folk Tales,” one of which was adapted by director Chris Goosman — “The Boxed Up Governor” (Korea), “Yakima” (Japan) and “The Magic Brocade” (China). Cast members, many of whom play multiple roles, include Cole Dubois, Paige Ireland, Colby Johnson, Lauren Burkard, Meghan Grant, Kaylee Knowles, Holden Clapp, Dana Wilson, Tori Staples, Meagan McKeon, Riley Colby, Eye Cheenthada, Tony Yang, Eran Raines, Vic Wilbur, Madison Anglin, Katrina Butler, Kaylee Knowles, Tori Staples, Malcolm Jones and Hunter Blakesley.

SDHS’ Theater Class has done costume and set design. Students on the production crew include Harley Leino, Madison Philbrick, Mackenzie Philbrick, George Dakin, Holden Clapp, Colby Johnson, Madison Anglin and Ada Curry. In addition to Goosman, adults on the crew or otherwise providing support include Barbara Curry, Ada Graham, Leana Seekins, Chip Curry, Jessica Fuller, Renae Traves and Joe and Illona Dubois.

Mount View, directed by Angela Nason, offers a glimpse into the final days of an infamous Czech concentration camp via “The Terezin Promise” by Celeste Raspanti. Cast members include Elizabeth Clifford, Myah Hatfield, Kasey Roberts, Cameron Morin, Jeremiah King, Sam St. Onge, Francie Davies, Lili Albright, Risa Fox, Jordan King, Cassidy Grierson, Hannah Clifford, Rielly Sullivan, Hailee Macomber, Jakob Sutton, Damian Hall and Elora Dodge.

Students on the production crew include Cate Arthers, Kate West, Tobin Pontillo, Noah Pringle, Tom Angelo, Cameron Morin, Tobin Pontillo, Eddie Angelo, Jakob Sutton and Elora Dodge. Community member Ralph Nason headed up set construction for the show.

BAHS will compete in the Midcoast Regional in Rockland; Searsport will be competing at Mount Desert Island; and Mount View will be at Lawrence. For more information on the fest itself, see the story linked below.