The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 27 and June 2:




Beth F. Connor to Jeffrey Brown and Lisa Brown


Atlantic Investments Inc. to Richard W. Hawksley


Janet Kazolas, Peter Kazolas and Colleen Husson to Peter Kazolas and Janet Kazolas


Paul F. Stewart Jr. to Mary G. Marchini and John S. Gilbert


Devon C. Malay and Mariann Z. Malay to Mariann Z. Malay and David C. Malay


Linda Wry and Linda Wry-Remillard to Christine N. Quigley


Janna Swift to Linda Wry-Remillard


Michelle C. Wyman and Michelle C. Porter to Janna L. Swift


Stephanie E. Karsten and David W. Karsten to David W. and Stephanie E. Karsten Revocable Trust


Barbara P. Ross to Lee DeCarlo




Rodney V. Edmands Jr. to Todd A. Tripp and Sheila L. Newton


Jacob W. Breshears and Sara J. Breshears to Megan J. Carter


William George Drinkwater to Vicki Nutt


Joan J. Warren and Franklin Warren to George Erhardt




Jeff R. Libby and Koren L. Libby to Michael P. Ashey and Donna J. Gordon


Gusta Ronson to William Giovanni Myhre Semprebon




Dennis J. Brown to Dena G. Grass




Jane C. Thomas to Rodney V. Leach and Judith L. Leach




Melinda Hanks and Douglas Hanks to Douglas Hanks and Melinda Hanks




Grace L. Dodge Living Trust to Emma M. Warman and Eric N. Warman


John Penney, Sharon Penney, Deutsche Bank National Trust Coompany TR and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-2 to New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-2 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Coompany TR




Linda A. Plaisted to Kenneth W. Plaisted


Elsie M. Pacholski, Norman C. Pacholski, Elsie Pacholski and Coco M. Pacholski to Herbert A. Joliat




Stephanie L. Birdsall and Stephanie B. Lippman to Grant Lippman


James Rutland Lincolnville Nominee Trust to Laura F. Beckering and George A. Cooke Jr.


Jennifer J. Berry and Jennifer Romaine to Jacob M. Holmes




Hope B. Bartlett to Carole A. Quigley




Brenda M. Harrington to Katee Lafleur


Edna J. Mitchell to Brian Stacey and Mary E. Stacey




Robert S. Farrell and Roberta G. Farrell to Stan Edward Farrell and Christopher Wayne Farrell


Elizabeth W. Garber to Jeannette A. Hanlon and Stephen V. Smith




Shelly A. Pooler to Shelly A. Pooler and Mark Lesniewski


Ronald F. Lacey to Linda J. Lacey


Dale A. McKenney to Dennis R. Keller and Miriam A. Keller




Sandra M. McLellan to Tammy S. Lewis


Brian LeSan to Rodney LeSan


Camden National Bank and Raymond N. Porter to Joseph R. Bizon and Jean M. Bizon




Katherine C. P. Bailey and Andrew M. Bailey to Jessica Richards


Dean W. Hustus and Weldeena Hustus to Whitney L. Perry and Joseph E. Perry Jr.


Cheryl L. Wilder to Cherry Mae D. Jackson and John R. Jackson


Gerald P. Stevens and Myra E. Stevens to Gerald P. Stevens


Myra E. Stevens and Myra Wellman to Gerald Pl. Stevens


Stockton Springs:


Gregory T. Szumilas, Kimalee A. Szumilas and Alliant Credit Union to Alliant Credit Union


Jack E. Holmes, Kathleen O'Hara-Holmes and Kathleen O-Hara- Holmes to Jill Holmes Nagle and David L. Nagle




Town of Troy to Steven Pomerleau




Lawrence A. LaPointe Estate to Dresser Properties LLC


L.A. LaPointe LLC to Dresser Properties LLC


Serena J. Morris and Serena Cole to Nancy M. Guion and James L. Guion


John H. Thomas and Constance A. Barrett to Anne M. Douglas and Barton T. Douglas