The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between July 1 and July 7:




Paul V. Vosburgh Jr. to Joseph J. Calista


Elizabeth C. Johannessen and Odd S. Johannessen to Janice K. Dunlop


Richard L. Baldwin and Rosemary J. Baldwin to Rosemary J. Baldwin and Richard L. Baldwin




George D. Rezendes and Debra L. Rezendes to Todd A. Tripp and Shelia L. Newton


Daniel O'Brien and Tamera O'Brien to Donna O'Brien




Christina G. Moore Living Trust to Christina G. Moore and Peter F. Moore


Gerald G. Libby and Patricia G. Libby to JMF LLC




Rita Mae Perkins to Richard Phillips




SDC Tingley Legacy Revocable Trust to Robert M. Overlock and Rosemary Overlock


Sarah Overlock to Justin A. Overlock




Anne M. King-Bolger, Benjamin R. King, and Frances K. Gartner to Frances K. Gartner, Benjamin R. King, and Anne M. King-Bolger


Edwin P. Pendleton to Edwin P. Pendleton and Emily C. Pendleton




Carrie Peavey to David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair




Dennis Anne Nickerson to Naomi M. Decker and Charles M. Decker


Barbara H. King to Cynthia Jean Dongo, Mark Douglas Clough and Dawn Ellen Wentworth


Everett Harding to Pamela H. Kersh and Doreen H. Holt


Carole C. Mathews Estate to Margaret I. Laughlin


Melissa B. Kramer-Karr to Melissa B. Kamer-Karr and Jon T. Karr




Yta Kradoska, Yta C. Kradoska and Yta C. Kradozka to Ann Robbins and James L. Robbins




Abbey S. Cohen to Liana Eastman and Eero Ruuttila


Michael F. Woodbury to Pamela Mortland and Anita L. Ballou




Gerald G. Libby and Patricia G. Libby to JMF LLC




John L. Dean Estate to Daniel C. Smith and Susan Dean Smith




Dorothy L. Burns to Burns Living Trust


Dorothy L. Burns to Burns Living Trust


Harry F. Friedman Jr. Estate to Harry F. Friedman III and Anthony D. Moulton


Anthony D. Moulton and Harry F. Friedman III to Green Mountain Land Holdings LLC


Christine A. Saban and Jeffrey L. Malloy to Matthew G. Gould


Michael O. Carter and Keybank National Association to Keybank National Association




Matt C. Guidmore, Miriam H. Guidmore, and Charles D. Guidmore to Matt C. Guidmore


Richard Irvine Nightingale to Daniel C. Patterson and Michelle A. Coad




Roger C. Slugg, Linda S. Sroczymski, Ramsay H. Slugg, Robert M. Slugg, Andrew Slugg, Peter Hill Slugg Living Trust and John Ralph Harrell Estate to Marianne Wardell Smith and Stuart Gage Smith


Brian E. Brewster to Toinie A. Waters


Maine State Housing Authority to Hubert J. McCabe and Sarah Tompkins


Yta Kradoska, Yta C. Kradoska and Yta C. Kradozka to Ann Robbins and James L. Robbins


Roland W. Goff to Roland W. Goff and Bonnie L. Goff




James H. York St. to Jacob Aldus


Stockton Springs:


Michael S. Fuller to Carol Fuller and Samuel Fuller




David F. Black to Fredric M. Black




Monique M. Clough to Dani Dayton and Lance Stewart


David W. Kenyon and Bonnie-Jo Kenyon to Mark W. Ogden


Corey A. McGinnis to Tommy Hillman


Michael W. Santon to Susan L. Chretien and Joseph E. Chretien




Town of Unity to Michael Murch


Town of Unity to Rayno Boivin




Diane E. Laliberte and Diane Crockett to Daniel J. Fournier




Holly M. Stoddard, Daniel P. Thompson and Holly M. Thompson to Carleen Stearns and Emily J. Stearns