Two young Patriots fans with Maine connections, like many sisters, share clothes — and Super Bowl victories.

Elizabeth Grey Torrey and Nicole Paige Torrey were both born in the fall, Elizabeth in 2014 and Paige in 2016. The following January of both years, the Patriots played in the Super Bowl. The sisters wore the same game-day outfit — two years apart — with the same result: a Patriots win.

The sisters live in Dawsonville, Ga., with their parents, Travis and Breanna Torrey. Their grandparents are Belfast resident Carmen Ray Torrey, a graduate of Mount View High School in Thorndike, and Sharon Ann Higgins Torrey, a graduate of Belfast Area High School.

According to family members, "If parents Travis and Brianna will participate, we look forward to 2018, 2020 (and) 2022."

The girls prove the old Maine saying: "A kitten born in the oven doesn't make it a biscuit" with a football twist: "A girl born in Georgia doesn't make her a Falcon (fan)."