We, of this generation, will probably be the best preserved "dearly departeds" of any in recorded history with, perhaps, the exception of the Egyptians, who pumped their departed full of a longevity embalming formula.

We should be wearing T-shirts that read "Caution: "Chemical Repository."

For decades, we have swallowed, figuratively and literally, the big business advertising hype pushing their chemical-laden, dye-saturated preservative-soaked, growth-hormoned, antibiotic-laced, saw-dust-fibered foods. (Sawdust is allowed in foods like bread and labeled as "fiber.")

Used to be, back in the simpler times of my childhood on the farm, things were basic. We ate vegetables and fruits as they grew, unladen by a plethora of chemicals, and drank milk as it came from the cows (and natural butter), which hadn't been pumped full of GMOs and antibiotics. We gathered "organic" eggs from under free-range hens and ate meat from animals free from chemicals.

Our household cleaning and personal hygiene products were natural and safe to use. I still use, for example, white vinegar for mopping the floor, rising my hair (great PH-balancer), wiping down counter tops and washing windows, and laundry. And white vinegar with baking soda is a great clog preventive for pipes. Oh, and to clear the air of odors, boil some with water in a pot on the stove.

I won't even get started on all the uses for baking soda. Well, a couple: It's the best deodorant I've ever found — for the 'fridge or underarms. It also makes a great rinse, mixed with water, after shampooing — leaves your hair squeaky clean and sparkling. Also makes bath water smooth and soap lathers like mad.

I use Borax in laundry and spread it on ant hills to entice them to move off somewhere else. It's also the most effective in keeping ants and other bugs out of the house. A few years ago, I watched the first ant scout that showed up on my counter in the spring as he made his rounds and then headed back to tell his community how to get in. I sprinkled Borax on the crack he used for getting in and out and also dropped it down the tiny crack between my counter back drop and walls. I haven't seen a single ant in my house in years.

Using the above products instead of man-concocted cleaners and prepackaged foods laden with chemicals and preservative saves a lot of money as well as keeping us healthier. Back then, everything was just naturally organic so we didn't use the designation "organic."

By using and eating organic, we may not be well-preserved dearly departed, but, personally, I'd rather live longer and healthier on this side of the fence.

Marion Tucker-Honeycutt, an award-winning columnist, a Maine native and graduate of Belfast schools, now lives in Morrill. Her columns appear in this paper every other week.