The Waldoboro First Baptist Church Men’s Basketball League held its annual championship games on Monday, March 6 in the gymnasium off Route 1 next to Moody’s Diner, which, as usual, saw six talented adult teams compete for three titles.

Champions across the three divisions were crowned, including Swish in Division I, Warriors in Division II and Thomaston Recycling in Division III.

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It was the second straight Division I title for Swish, which was The Crew last season. Interestingly enough, another team adopted the team name The Crew and advanced to the finals, only to lose to Swish.

Prior to the night’s three championship contests, six of the league’s top sharpshooters competed in a 3-point shootout, won by Jamie Jones of Hink’s Bait.

Jones defeated Stephen Benner of Sunset Knoll in the finals after hitting a whopping 22 3-pointers in the final round.

Ethan Fink of Borealis, Nick Tinker of the Warriors, Dylan Shay of Cornerstone and Matt Hinkley of Hink’s Bait also participated.

The following are breakdowns of each division, including championship results:

Division I

Team members for Swish include Eric Taylor, Ray Bernier, Craig Derouche, Scott Tracey, Tyler Mitchell, Rodney Payne and Isaiah Brathwaite.

Team members for The Crew include Yuri Belizaire, Erick Ebinoge, Kurt Varney, Isaiah Magel, Darrell Wood, Riley Wentworth and Marcus Sullivan.

The final regular-season standings were: Swish 5-4, Hink’s Bait 5-4, The Crew 5-4, Sunset Knoll 4-5, Goon Squad 4-5 and Taz 4-5.

In the playoffs, No. 5 Goon Squad beat No. 4 Sunset Knoll 54-49, No. 3 The Crew beat No. 6 Taz (forfeit), No. 1 Swish beat No. 5 Goon Squad 84-56 and No. 3 The Crew beat No. 2 Hink’s Bait 62-58.

No. 1 Swish 75, No. 3 The Crew 55

At Waldoboro March 6, Swish got an impressive 44-point effort from Taylor and surged to their second straight league crown. Swish led 38-29 at halftime.

In addition to Taylor’s 44-point night, Bernier tallied 16; Derouche, six; Brathwaite, five; and Tracey and Mitchell, two.

Sullivan scored 14 points for The Crew, while Wood and Ebinoge added 12; Magel, seven; Belizaire, six; and Varney, four.

Swish was 10-of-17 (58 percent) from the foul line, while The Crew was 6-of-15 (40 percent).

Division II

Team members for the Warriors include Carl Dashese, Isaiah Stone-Patterson, Nick Tinker, Josh Brown, Paul Harrell, Chris Fernald, Tyler Patterson, Keith Patterson and Brian Walton. Keith Patterson is the father of Stone-Patterson and Tyler Patterson.

Team members for Young Blood include Billy Ray Denman, Derek Keller, Jack Davis, James Seekins, Dylan Keller, Gary Birbeck and T.J. Walton. The Kellers are brothers.

The final regular-season standings were: Warriors 7-1, Lincoln County 6-2, Young Blood 4-4, Reeds Plumbing 3-5, Mishka 3-5 and First Advisors 2-6.

In the playoffs, No. 4 Reeds Plumbing beat No. 5 Mishka 54-45, No. 3 Young Blood beat No. 6 First Advisors (forfeit), No. 1 Warriors beat No. 4 Reeds Plumbing 66-64 and No. 3 Young Blood beat No. 2 Lincoln County 56-45.

No. 1 Warriors 62, No. 3 Young Blood 56

At Waldoboro March 6, the top-seeded Warriors held off a furious second-half rally by Young Blood and came away as the Division II champs. The Warriors led 40-17 at halftime.

Walton tossed in 17 points to pace the Warriors, while Stone-Patterson added 14; Brown, 13; Harrell, seven; Tinker, six; Tyler Patterson, three; and Fernald, two.

Davis scored 19 points for Young Blood, a team based out of Waldo County, while Seekins added 10; Dylan Keller, nine; Denman and Derek Keller, seven; and Walton, three.

The Warriors were 11-of-22 (50 percent) from the foul line, while Young Blood was 9-of-18 (50 percent).

Division III

Team members for Thomaston include Matt Migliore, Jason White, Dean Kline, Kelly Harford, Donald Prescott, Ryan Dennison, Matt Zable, Brooks Stevens and Cam Gartley.

Team members for Borealis Breads include Caleb Farrin, Jon Merry, Derek Deeger, Mike Riley, Wayne Farrin, Ethan Fink, Warren Bustead, Jeff Herd and Jim Amaral.

The final regular-season standings were: Thomaston 7-1, Alley Cats 6-2, Borealis 6-2, Moody’s 4-4, Free Agents 3-5, Cornerstone 3-4, Lanphere 2-6 and Tenacious D 1-7.

No. 1 Thomaston Recyling 59, No. 3 Borealis 46

At Waldoboro March 6, Thomaston Recyling held Borealis at bay throughout the 40-minute affair and netted the Division III championship. Thomaston led 22-15 at halftime.

Gartley tossed in 20 points to pace Thomaston, while Migliore added 12; Zable, 10; Kline, eight; and Prescott, Dennison and Stevens, three.

Farrin scored 21 points to lead Borealis, while Fink added 20; Merry, three; and Herd, two.

Thomaston was 7-of-14 (50 percent) from the foul line, while Borealis was 9-of-15 (60 percent).

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