This week in history from the files of The Republican Journal, as compiled by staff of Belfast Free Library.

March 12, 1863

"Amateur Dramatic Entertainment! For the benefit of the ‘Ladies’ Soldiers’ Aid Society,’ At Pierces’ Hall, Belfast, This (Thursday) Evening, March 12th 1863, On which occasion will be performed the pleasing comedy of ‘Dying For Love,’ the amusing comedietta of ‘The Morning Call,’ to conclude with the Laughable Farce of ‘Poor Pillacoddy.'"

"The subscriber will obtain the Bounty of $100 and all pay in arrears to the widow, minor children, father or mother, or heirs of any deceased soldier. Also Half Pay Pension to widow or minor children of any soldier who dies in the service. Also, Pensions for soldiers who are wounded or receive injuries in the present war. J. B. Murch, Special Agent."

March 8, 1867

"Our Knox and Lincoln neighbors are in earnest about their railroad. A corporator’s meeting was held in Damariscotta, last week, at which the question of the western terminus of the road was discussed, that still being an open question. Both Bath and Richmond are talked of, the latter terminus necessitating a very expensive bridge over the Kennebec."

March 12, 1891

"According to the regulations of the government two flags should be displayed daily from the Belfast Custom House – the American ensign and the revenue flag. Collector Ferguson has been ordered to send a plan of the roof of the building to Washington with a view to erecting another flag staff, and before long two flags will be floating from the government edifice in the square."

"Belfast fishermen frequent Swan Lake in considerable numbers, but the results have been meagre. Messrs. Frank Critchett and Frank Wiley recently spent several days at the pond, rooming in the new club house recently built by the Waldo County Fish Protective Association."

March 14, 1935

"Ernest P. Piper of this city has bought the brick building on High Street known for many years as the Phenix House, more recently as Welcome Inn, and owned by the estate of Wm. R. Gilkey of Searsport. The sale does not include the garage occupied by Shute & Shorey. Mr. Piper has also bought the equipment owned by Herbert E. Patterson, who has been conducting a rooming house and beer shop there for some time.”

"Three Citypoint boys, Everett and Dennis Roberts and William Crosby, have built a snowplane which they have used in speeding on the crust in open fields near their territory. Miss Thelma Roberts is the only girl to date to enjoy a ride on this plane and be her own pilot. The plane is constructed with the use of three skiis; two on the front and one in the rear. It has a steering gear, a pilot seat and room for two more standing. The body of the plane resembles that of an airplane."

March 15, 1979

"Something new in cultural arts for Belfast will take place on Sunday, March 18, when a poetry concert will take place at the Waldo County Shrine Club on Northport Avenue. The three organizers and readers for the concert are Dr. Euclid Hanbury of Northport, David Kennedy of Belfast and Mary Bok of Camden. Dr. Hanbury said the program will include more than 30 short, interesting poetry readings. ‘We will have something for everybody,’ he said."