Police charged a Searsport man for allegedly touching a teenage girl inappropriately.

Paul E. Badger Jr., 20, is facing a charge of unlawful sexual touching following a report of inappropriate contact with the 13-year-old victim. The alleged incident occurred March 21, Belfast Detective Sgt. Gerry Lincoln said, during a local youth group event. He declined to identify which youth group Badger was working for when the incident happened.

When police were notified by the youth group's director about the alleged touching, they interviewed Badger, who admitted to touching the girl, Lincoln said. Badger also told police he knew he made a mistake.

Based on the investigation, Lincoln said the inappropriate touching was a one-time occurrence and it is not believed Badger touched any other girls. Lincoln said he is not sure if Badger is still involved with the youth group.

The detective sergeant said Badger cooperated with the investigation.

Badger was summoned for the offense and is scheduled to appear in court next month.