The Waldo County YMCA hosted the Lions' Den Classic fifth- and sixth-grade girls basketball tournament on Saturday, March 25, an event that saw five teams from across the state eye a tournament title.

In the end, Bangor netted a 37-19 win over Norridgewock in the tournament final. Midcoast teams Belfast, Mount View and St. George also participated in the tournament.

Click for photos from the Belfast versus Mount View game.

Click for photos from the St. George versus Mount View game.

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Brandon Hall, Waldo County YMCA youth and adult sports director, said his organization has never “hosted a basketball tournament of this capacity before” and “was an absolute hit.”

“This was a trial run and gave us lots of momentum for the future of basketball in this community,” he said. “Belfast has so much to offer, right on the coast with so much to do and to visit. We look forward to next year and to continue this fine tradition for many years to come.”

Team scores from the event included: Mount View 38, St. George 12; Bangor 30, Norridgewock 15; Mount View 34, Belfast 25; Norridgewock 22, St. George 10; Bangor 40, Mount View 36; Norridgewock 36, Belfast 20; Norridgewock 27, Mount View 23; Belfast 28, St. George 16; and Bangor 37, Norridgewock 19.

Team members for Belfast were Gabby Genthner, Natalie Hamlin, Hallee Tripp, Audra Faulkingham, Julia Littlefield, Maddie Goodwin, Jackie Batty, Jillian Hashey and Brynne Sawyer.

Team members for St. George were Sophia Miller, Ella Wirkala, Drew Theriault, Grace Yanz, Gwen Miller, Mya Simmons, Breanna Morris, Maggie Gill and Brooke Hoppe.

Team members for Mount View were Hanna Ferrera, Anna Gibbs, Lindsay Reynolds, Sydney Vogel, Bela Serrano, Ashleigh Pedelford, Dynalee Shibles and Nola Begin.

Team members for Norridgewock were Allie Griffith, Sarah Johnson, Paige Gilbert, Kylee Furbush, Sierra Carey, Aryana Lewis, Skye King, Molly Hay, Nina Calder, Callaway Lepage, Kaysie Getchell and Riley Welch.

Team members for Bangor were Cassidy Ireland, Anna Connors, Samantha Erb, Sadie Harrow, Keven Ireland, Belle Fox, Taylor King, Lilly Rice and Don Erb.

The following is a recap of games played (individual scorers do not match all final team scores):

Bangor 37, Norridgewock 19

Bangor won the tournament with an 18-point victory over Norridgewock.

Fox, Harrow and Ireland each scored eight points for Bangor, while Erb added four and Connors and Rice two.

Lewis scored nine points for Norridgewock, while Lepage added five; King and Calder, two; and Johnson, one.

Norridgewock 27, Mount View 23

Norridgewock netted a four-point win over Mount View.

Lewis scored 15 points for Norridgewock, while Welch added five; Calder, four; King, two; and Lepage, one.

Vogel scored 11 points for Mount View, while Reynolds added seven; Serrano, four; and Pedelford, one.

Belfast 28, St. George 16

Belfast netted a 12-point win over St. George.

Genthner scored 12 points for Belfast, while Batty added four; Goodwin and Hamlin, three; and Faulkingham, Littlefield and Sawyer, two.

Gwen Miller scored six points for St. George, while Simmons added four; and Sophia Miller, Gill and Wirkala, two.

Bangor 40, Mount View 36

Bangor prevailed by a four-point margin over Mount View.

Shibbs scored 10 points for Mount View, while Vogel and Reynolds added seven; Pedelford, four; and Ferrara, two.

Ireland scored nine points for Bangor, while Connor and Erb added five; King, four; Harrow and Fox, two; and Rice, one.

Norridgewock 36, Belfast 20

Norridgewock bested Belfast by 16 points.

Calder scored 21 points for Norridgewock, while King added eight; Getchell, three; and Johnson and Hay, two.

Goodwin scored eight points with Belfast, while Genthner and Hamlin added four; Batty, two; and Sawyer and Tripp, one.

Bangor 30, Norridgewock 15

Bangor netted a 15-point win over Norridgewock.

Ireland scored 10 points for Bangor, while King added eight; Rice and Harrow, six; and Fox, one.

Calder scored six points for Norridgewock, while Lewis and Welch added four and Hay two.

Mount View 34, Belfast 25

Mount View prevailed by 11 points over Belfast.

Reynolds scored 21 points for Mount View, while Vogel and Madelford added four; Serrano, three; and Shibbs, two.

Batty scored 11 points for Belfast, while Genthner and Goodwin added six and Hamlin two.

Norridgewock 22, St. George 10

Norridgewock netted a 12-point win over St. George.

Simmons scored six points for St. George, while Hoppe and Morris added two.

Calder scored 11 points for Norridgewock, while Lewis added 10 and Welch one.

Mount View 38, St. George 12

Mount View had no trouble with St. George and prevailed by a convincing margin.

Gibbs scored 10 points for Mount View, while Reynolds added eight; Padelford, seven; Serrano and Ferrara, four; Begin, three; and Vogel, two.

Simmons and Hoppe scored four points, while Wirkala and Morris added two.

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