A 21-year-old Lincolnville woman, who was released from jail earlier this month in a case involving a minivan that she was accused of stealing and setting on fire, was arrested Tuesday after she was found with a lighter.

Melanie R. Vangel was sentenced Wednesday, March 29, in Knox County Unified Court to seven days in jail for violating a condition of release.

She had been released from Cumberland County Jail March 6 following approval of a deferred disposition stemming from the arson case. Vangel was arrested July 16, 2016, by Maine State Fire Marshal Investigator Mary MacMaster following an investigation into the fire that destroyed a minivan that had been stolen in Rockport and torched in Cape Elizabeth.

Upon her release from jail this month, Vangel contacted MacMaster and asked the investigator to return personal belongings confiscated when Vangel was arrested last year.

One of the conditions of Vangel's release was that she not possess any incendiary devices.

When MacMaster met with Vangel on Tuesday at Camden Police Department for the return of personal items, the Fire Marshal officer decided to conduct a bail check on the woman. The investigator noticed what appeared to be the outline of a lighter in a pant pocket.

Vangel said the pants did not belong to her, according to a police report filed in court. When MacMaster removed the lighter from her pocket, Vangel said, "It's just a lighter," according to the police report.

Police said last year Vangel drove to the end of Two Lights Terrace July 16 and set fire to a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country minivan that she had stolen in Rockport.