Matt Enos continues to produce well-made films about the underside of Waldo County; last year, his Burning Harvest Presents released a dark comedy short that created enough buzz to become an ongoing web series.

Enos labels his new Slim Duffy YouTube series surreal comedy. Like his dramatic films, it takes a rather dim view about the life and times of young dudes in the sticks.

“The series is about the escapades of a local dummy named Slim Duffy,” said Enos. “Slim may be slow, but he is wholesome and very kind, which makes everyone else in the neighborhood take advantage of him.”

Writer, director, editor and musician Enos plays the title character and Mike Urchin plays local bully/creep J.T. Smash, “whose infatuation with Slim reaches highly inappropriate levels.” Cinematographer Cade Nickels, who has worked with Enos for a couple of years, also shows up as the plaster-wrapped Burnt Charlie. Their first Slim Duffy episode, released late last summer, was intended to be a stand-alone short film.

“We never planned on doing a web series, but we got nothing but great feedback on the first episode,” Enos said.

Like his serious subjects, the Slim Duffy films — the sixth was posted earlier this month — are for mature audiences only and contain elements that some may find disturbing and/or offensive. But Enos, who earned a bachelor's of fine arts in Film from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, has both acting and filmmaking chops that make his work compelling.

“Our brand of humor is not for everyone,” said the Belmont native and Belfast Area High School alum, “but the people who have enjoyed it so far have become huge fans and can't get enough of Slim and his friends.”

The series and more can be viewed on the filmmaker’s YouTube channel … and, yes, Slim has his own Facebook page.