What a difference a day can make.

Just 26 hours after one Midcoast springtime whitewater canoe/kayak paddle race was held in snow flurries and near-freezing temperatures, the sun shone brightly and nearly twice as many craft and paddlers showed up to journey down a different river in much warmer conditions.

The only constants between the days of the Waldo County-sponsored events was the water was especially low in both rivers.

For the 38th annual St. George River Race on Sunday afternoon, April 2 there were 79 craft and 118 paddlers, compared to 54 craft and 84 paddlers at the 44th annual Passagassawakeag River Race on Saturday, April 1 (see separate story, photos and video from that event).

Additionally, the same lone paddleboarder, and many of the same kayakers and canoeists, participated in both races.

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The St. George River Race had been postponed from Saturday, March 25.

For Sunday's rescheduled race, kayaker Ben Randall of Sabattus finished first overall at 46:20. He finished second overall to Ray Wirth of Monroe the day before in the 'Passy."

The top canoeists in the St. George event were Tommy and Jeff Owen of Orono in 52:48.

On Sunday, kayaker Wirth finished second overall at 49:09.

The top-10 kayakers down the St. George were: 1, Ben Randall, Sabattus, 46:20; 2, Ray Wirth, Monroe, 49:09; 3, Hank Thorburn, Harpswell, 50:47; 4, Brian Foley, Orono, 54:50; 5, Mark Bamford, Bucksport, 56:10; 6, Leslie Gregory, Monroe, 57:26; 7, Ben Fuller, Cushing, 58:11; 8, Dan Baumert, Levant, 58:29; 9, Chris Sawyer, Belgrade, 58:38; and 10, Larry Merrill, Orrington, 59:46.

The top-10 canoeists down the St. George were: 1, Tommy and Jeff Owen, Orono, 52:48; 2, Matt Dingle and Max Dingle, Rockport, 52:55; 3, Aaron Cross, Belmont, and Dale Cross, Morrill, 53:12; 4, Bill Deighan and Angus Deighan, Newburgh, 53:32; 5, Chip Loring, Old Town, and Ander Thibaud, Hancock, 53:33; 6, 6, Ryan Linehan and Sawyer Linehan, Westport Island, 54:34; 7, J.R. Mabee and Nolan Mabee, Bangor, 54:54; 8, Eric Gallanot and Ellen Mallory, Orono, 54:54; 9, Ashton Mabee, Bangor, and Clayton Cole, Corinth, 55:37; and 10, River Robertson, Orono, 56:06.

The water was so low in many places that, for example, near the Robbins Mill bridge, a minefield of rocks and whitewater greeted paddlers. It took patience and strategy to make it through the gauntlet of rocks.

The banks of the river still had plenty of snow and ice from a bundle of late-winter storms, but the spring melt seemed to begin in earnest on Sunday.

Despite cold, unseasonable late-winter and early-spring weather, it appeared, until recently, the two Waldo County YMCA-sponsored whitewater paddle races would go on as scheduled for consecutive Saturdays in late-March and early-April.

But Mother Nature did not cooperate and the St. George event was postponed a week — the day after the 'Passy."

The St. George River Race began at the Searsmont Methodist Church on Route 131. The race started at the St. George Bridge in Searsmont Village. The course included three miles of dead water, one mile of rapids, two miles of dead water and curves with one Class III drop. The race included Class II-III rapids (plus or minus depending on the water level).

The individual and team results from the St. George race included:

Century Recreation — 1, Sue Conover, Camden, and Terry Moore, town unavailable, 57:44; and 2, Tammy Kelley, Lamoine, and Terry Wescott, Thorndike, 1:02:24.

Clydesdale — 1, Morgan Baxter, Gorham, and Rick Farnsworth, Portland, 57:34; 2, Joseph Zyldewski, Hampden, and Andrew O'Malloy, Old Town, 1:00:44; and 3, Roland Littlefield, Belfast, and Justin Sanderson, Northport, 1:14:50.

High School — 1, Kellen Doyle, Orono, and Kylie Gray, Orono, 57:06; and 2, Cole May, Orono, and Ben Allan-Ruhill, Orono, 1:01:16.

Junior/Senior 12 and younger — 1, Ryan Linehan, Westport Island, and Sawyer Linehan, Westport Island, 54:34; 2, Rick O'Donald, Newburgh, and Rheannon Mabee, Bangor, 1:05:04; 3, Nathan Harrington, Brooks, and Isaac Harrington, Brooks, 1:10:53; 4, Glen Widmer, Montville, and Isaac Widmer, Montville, 1:14:42; and 5, Andy Price, Portland, and Alex Price, Portland, 1:17:10.

Junior/Senior 13-16 — 1, Tommy Owen, Orono, and Jeff Owen, Orono, 52:48; 2, Matt Dingle, Rockport, and Max Dingle, Rockport, 52:55; 3, JR Mabee, Bangor, and Nolan Mabee, Bangor, 54:54; 4, Ashton Mabee, Bangor, and Clayton Cole, Corinth, 55:37; 5, Christian Andrus, Hope, and Ethan Andrus, Hope, 59:53; and 6, J.D. Burke, Newburgh, and Jack Burke, Newburgh, 1:01:09.

Kayak — 1, Ben Randall, Sabattus, 46:20; 2, Ray Wirth, Monroe, 49:09; 3, Ben Fuller, Cushing, 58:11; 4, Mark and Asa Berry, Gouldsboro, 1:00:17; 5, Kell Fremouw, Orono, 1:04:10; 6, Itai Boss, Orono, 1:08:31; and 7, Emmanuel Boss, Orono, 1:26:07.

Kayak Short — 1, Hank Thorburn, Harpswell, 50:47; 2, Brian Foley, Orono, 54:50; 3, Mark Bamford, Bucksport, 56:10; 4, Ban Baumert, Levant, 58:29; 5, Chris Sawyer, Belgrade, 58:38; 6, Larry Merrill, Orrington, 59:46; 7, Jason Baltes, Brunswick, 1:00:54; 8, John Carter, Surry, 1:12:07; and 9, Jared Palmer, Washington, 1:18.01.

Kayak Women — 1, Leslie Gregory, Monroe, 57:28; 2, Alexandra Horne, Gorham, N.H., 1:03:15; 3, Aili Hartikka, Bath, 1:09:08; and 4, Jayme Okma Lee, Rockport, 1:14:23.

Kayak Weekend Warrior — 1, Ben Greeley, Waterville, 1:04:42; 2, William Manahan, Warren, 1:14:41; 3, Tristan Ebert, Waldoboro, 1:14:50; and 4, Bjorn Lee, Rockport, 1:14:53.

OC1 — 1, Mark Risinger, Hermon, 1:00:11; 2, Brian Battista, Parsonsfield, 1:00:47; 3, Mike Kelley, Carmel, 1:06:12; and 4, R.W. Estela, Orono, 1:10:19.

OC1R — 1, River Robertson, Orono, 56:06; 2, Bob Martin, Dedham, 57:01; 3, Dick Kelley, Brewer, 59:11; 4, Greg Soule, Standish, 59:19; 5, DW Smith, Lamoine, 1:00:47; 6, Greg Shute, Alna, 1:05:32; 7, Chris Corey, Topsham, 1:08:22; and 8, Edgar Lamb, Orono, 1:13:29.

OC1 Women — 1, Nicole Grohoski, Ellsworth, 59:39; and 2, Peggy McKee, Bangor, 1:04:04.

OC2 Mixed Recreation — 1, Chip Loring, Old Town, and Ander Thibaud, no town given, 53:33; 2, Eric Gallanot, Orono, and Ellen Mallory, Orono, 54:54; 3, Tara Wagner, Hope, and Jake Feener, Lincolnville, 56:19; 4, Nick Tymoczko, Bar Harhor, and Ainsley McClachrie, Bar Harbor, 1:03:46; 5, Meghan Kennedy, Bristol, and Tom Moriarty, Milford, 1:04:09; 6, Alyssa Rolerson, Rockland, and Samuel Olson, Cushing, 1:11:32; and 7, Martha Page, Warren, and Chris Biggart, Warren, 1:14:17.

OC2 Recreation Medium — 1, Aaron Cross, Belmont, and Dale Cross, Morrill, 53:12; 2, Bill Deighan, Newburgh, and Angus Deighan, Newburgh, 53:32; 3, Greg Dorr, Bangor, and Dan Littlefield, Belfast, 56:36; 4, David McLean, Lincolnville, and Evan McLean, Lincolnville, 58:13; 5, Ted Steele, Hope, and Nolan Steele, Hope, 58:36; 6, Chris Dalton, Bangor, and Gregory Edwards, Bangor, 59:24; 7, Aaron Winslow, Belmont, and Cameron Young, Belfast, 1:02:49; 8, Robert Hanscome, Salsbury Cove, and Adam Sawyer, Trenton, 1:04:20; 9, Adam Williams, Brooks, and Jason Chandler, Phippsburg, 1:07:28; and 10, Sean Maguire Sr., Wiscasset, and Sean Maguire Jr., Augusta, 1:11:06.

OC2 Recreation Short — 1, Sam Hallowell, North Haven, and Oakley Jackson, Camden, 1:01:37; 2, Jeffrey Chase, Bowdoin, and Doug Larkin, no town given, 1:03:14; 3, Erik Pearson, Richmond, and James Pearson, Appleton, 1:08:10; and 4, Logan Perkins, Swanville, and Ben Pratt, Swanville, 1:08:22.

The classifications for the race were:

Kayak short (KS) — Kayaks up to and including 13 feet 4 inches.

Kayak (KW) — Any length, woman paddler.

Kayak (K) — Kayaks 13-5 and above.

Kayak weekend warrior (KWW) — For beginner and intermediate kayakers.

Open canoe racing (OC1) — One person.

Open canoe recreational (OC1R) — One person.

Open canoe racing or Recreational (OC1W) — One woman.

Open canoe racing (OC2M) — Two person, racing canoes 16-6 to 18-6.

Open canoe mixed (OC2Mix) — One male, one female in race-length canoe.

Open canoe recreational (OC2MixRec) — One male, one female, recreational canoe.

Open canoe recreational short (OC2RS) — Two person, canoes under 16-6.

Open canoe recreational medium (OC2RM) — Two person, canoes 16-6 to 18-6.

Open canoe weekend warrior (OC2WW) — Two person (for beginner and intermediate paddlers).

Open canoe two women (OC2W) — Any length canoe.

Open canoe recreation (OC2Jr./Sr. Rec) — One adult, one child age 12 and younger.

Open canoe recreation (OC2Jr./Sr. Rec) — One adult, one junior ages 13-16.

Century recreation — Two person, combined ages more than 100 years, recreational boat.

High school — Two high school students, recreational boat.

College (KW, KM, OC2, OC1W, OC1M) — Recreational craft only.

Clydesdale — Two person, combined weight more than 425 pounds.