Five Town Basketball hosted a pair of youth basketball tournaments Saturday and Sunday, March 25-26 at Lincolnville Central School as third and fourth-grade hoopsters put their hardwood talents on display — and continued to hone their respective crafts.

Boys and girls tourneys were round-robin formats, with the emphasis more on player development than wins and losses.

Juan Acala, Five Town Basketball president, said “our officials are teachers and educators of the game” and that “a lot of these youngsters are still learning the game.”

Five Town Basketball’s mission statement is: “Our goal is to provide all of the young court athletes the opportunity to strive for achievement and excellence while having fun learning the game of basketball."

“It's difficult for any athlete, young or old to play a sport if they do not understand the rules, [and] we as an organization recognize that,” Alcala said. “At the end of the day, there was a lot of smiles and happy third- and fourth-graders as they headed home.”

For the boys, Medomak, St. George, Calais and Five Town participated, while for the girls, Mount Desert Island, Mount Ararat, Gray-New Gloucester, Dexter and Five Town took part in the event.

Boys results were (scores unavailable): Medomak beat Calais, Medomak beat Five Town, St. George beat Calais, Medomak beat St. George, Five Town beat Calais and St. George beat Five Town.

Girls results (scores unavailable) were: Dexter beat Five Town, Mount Ararat beat Gray-New Gloucester, MDI beat Dexter, Mount Ararat beat Five Town, Dexter beat Gray-New Gloucester, Mount Ararat beat MDI and Gray-New Gloucester beat MDI.

Acala said the organization currently is exploring the opportunity to build their own two-gym community basketball facility and there will be a community forum on Tuesday, April 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Camden-Rockport Middle School library, where “all thoughts, ideas, suggestions and concerns will be welcomed.”

The organization was permitted to use several facilities throughout the Five Town area of Camden, Rockport, Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville — including hosting the third- and fourth-grade tourney at LCS — but those facilities are not always available to accommodate the needs of all youths in the area.

“The need for a dedicated basketball facility seems greater then ever," he said. "Within the school leagues, the YMCA and Five Town, there just isn't enough gym space for everyone to practice and host games or tournaments as much as we all would like. There are even fewer opportunities for kids to just shoot around with their friends.”

Five Town Basketball also often uses gymnasiums at CRMS, Camden-Rockport Elementary School, Camden Hills Regional High School and Hope Elementary School, along with LCS.

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