This week in history from the pages of The Republican Journal as complied by staff at Belfast Free Library.

April 12, 1850

To the members of the Waldo Agricultural Society: The seeds for distribution will be at the store of Wm T. Colburn, the treasurer, on the 20th inst., at which time all members who have joined the Society since the annual meeting must send in their names to entitle them their proportion. Isaac Allard, sec’y.

April 16, 1847

For Sale!

A new brig, now on the stocks, of about 175 tons, built of superior materials, white oak, hard pine, and juniper timber, copper fastened, will be rigged on the stocks, and made ready for sea by the last of April next. For further particulars apply to Wm. Tilden.


The legal voters of School Districts No. 4 and 5, in Belfast, are hereby notified to assemble in the upper room in the Brick School House, in said districts, on Thursday, the 22d day of April inst., at 4 1/2 o'clock P.M., to act upon the following articles, vis: 1st To choose a Moderator; 2d, To choose a clerk; 3d, To choose a School Agent, and to transact any other business which may legally come before them

April 14, 1966

Playing at the Colonial: Village of the Giants starring Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, and Ronny Howard.

April 18, 1929

Steamer Belfast of the Eastern Steamship Lines Inc. arrived Thursday morning on the first trip of the season. As usual she was flying her colors and looked new in a coat of white. She received that infallible salute of Mathews Brothers Mill. Both whistles gave pleasure to all who heard them as sure signs of spring. Private parties also greeted the Belfast, these included the flag salute of Virgil White on Searsport Avenue, who received a response from the steamer.

April 19, 1900

There was some excitement on lower Main street Tuesday over a disputed line between two lots, owned by Mary Christmas and Augustus Clark. After the fire of 1865 the line of Main street was changed, and the right of way in the rear of the lots was closed. The old deeds call for more land than exists between Main and Federal streets, caused by the taking off of land in changing the street, and while the property has had several owners the matter has never been adjusted.

The Belfast Base Ball team has elected Fred G. Spinney manager. They are negotiating with a first-class pitcher. The team is made up of the following players: Captain, George Darby, Ralph O’Connell, H. D. McLellan, Bert Darby, Fred Johnson, Thos. Berry, Herman Patterson, F. Morang, W. E. Dilworth, Carl McDonald, Alphonso Wood and B. P. Hazeltine. The Congress street grounds will be put in first-class condition. An interesting base ball season is assured.

April 19, 1906

Earl, the 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. White, celebrated his birthday yesterday at his home on Bay View street. Seventeen of his little boy playmates were present and each guest remembered him with a gift. Ice cream and cake were served and Mrs. William Decrow favored them with a few selections on her graphophone. The little fellows enjoyed the occasion very much and left wishing Earl many happy returns of the day.