The Board of Selectmen and Budget Committees are in close agreement on a proposed $1.9 million municipal budget for 2018.

After an estimated $892,374 in revenues is deducted from expenses, the budget increase is up 3.2 percent over 2017.

The budget as proposed by selectmen maintains the status quo with a few exceptions, said Town Administrator David Kinney.

New to the town budget is a proposal to pay a parking attendant to enforce the town's parking ordinance primarily in the Lincolnville Beach area, according to Kinney, with Breezemere Park and Fernald's Neck Road as additional areas where parking enforcement is needed. The proposed budget for the attendant or attendants is $4,772.

Plowing the fire station driveway and parking lot, and lawn mowing are new expenses in the budget. The proposed budget for the fire department's building and property maintenance expenses is $13,000, up from $3,500 in 2016 and $3,100 in 2017. In the past, volunteers took care of plowing and mowing. Kinney said if approved by voters, the work will be put out to bid.

The budget for fire department hose and ladder testing has been increased to $3,600 for 2018 due to Department of Labor requirements, according to Kinney. He explained that the testing requirement is fairly new, and last year, not enough was budgeted. In the 2017 budget $2,000 was allocated, but actual expenses were $4,180.

Equipment expenses for the fire department total $10,000, up from $8,700, and includes the purchase of two new ice water rescue suits, and the routine replacement of five air tanks.

The capital improvement fund is up 50 percent to $135,000. A new building repair fund will be seeded with $10,000 for major components, such as roofing and heating, Kinney said.

"We try to plan for those things, but this sets money aside in case we need it in the future," he said.

The capital improvement fund for 2018 will also include $20,000 for the fire truck fund, $25,000 for harbor improvements, $50,000 for the road improvement fund, $5,000 for the replacement of 15 lamps in the decorative lamposts at Lincolnville Beach with LED lighting, and $25,000 for the wastewater reserve fund.

Kinney estimates that replacement of high pressure sodium lamps at Lincolnville Beach with LED lamps will cut electricity costs in half.

The wastewater capital reserve account is new, and is associated with a request from the Lincolnville Sewer District, which is overseeing a replacement of the public wastewater system in the Lincolnville Beach area. Trustees of the sewer district asked the Board of Selectman for $19,000 annually to help with repayment of a bond, which is part of the financing for the new sewer system. The Board of Selectmen decided to propose that $25,000 be added annually to a wastewater reserve account. The Board of Selectmen can use the fund for any wastewater related project, including the sewer district, according to Kinney.

The 2018 budget includes a 2.7 percent increase in wages for town administration and finance, which total $228,729.

The Budget Committee and Selectmen recommendations are nearly identical. Selectmen did not approve funds for the American Red Cross in 2018, because the organization did not submit a request by the town's deadline. The Budget Committee recommends $20 for the Red Cross, which maintains the Red Cross on Lincolnville's list of qualified provider agencies. Selectmen propose to give $750 to the LifeFlight Foundation, while the Budget Committee proposes $650.

The municipal budget operates on a fiscal year, which begins July 1 of each year, and ends June 30.

Lincolnville residents will vote on the proposed budget at its annual town meeting Thursday, June 15, at 6 p.m., at the Lincolnville Community Building. The vote at the polls for candidates and ballot items is set for Tuesday, June 13.

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