May 13, 1864

Taken from a letter written by Lieut. Ansel L. White, of the19th Maine, in Hancock’s corps, to his father in Belfast on May 7th: ‘”We are in the midst of a terrible battle. I think yesterday was the hardest day I ever experienced; and how I ever escaped being killed or wounded is a miracle. We drove the enemy for more than a mile, when they got on our left flank, and we were obliged to retreat back to our old ground, and now hold the same position that we did at the commencement of the fight.”

May 13, 1880

Montville – At Centre Montville, Thursday last, there was a heavy shower with hail, thunder and lightning. Amos W. Sproul's chimney was struck, throwing the stove furniture about the room, and injured Mrs. Carr, a calling neighbor, stunning and benumbing her.

Stockton – The tempest of Sunday was severe in this town, the thunder and lightning excelling anything ever before known here. Mr. Shute's house at Sandy Point was struck and slightly damaged; also Wilson Berry's on the Cape. A tree on Mrs. Kneeland's place, and one at Dickey’s Mills were likewise struck.

May 12, 1887

Grand Army Fair – Thomas H. Marshall Post, G. A. R., of this city, will hold a fair in the Belfast Opera House, on Thursday and Friday of this week, in the interest of the soldiers’ monument fund. This will be the last appeal in behalf of a monument to our fallen heroes.

Hanson’s Carriage Opening – Today Mr. E. F. Hanson, of this city, will open his carriage sales for the year 1887 in his new repository, corner of Bridge and Washington Sts. Mr. Hanson’s sales have increased from 46 carriages in 1882 to 235 in 1886, making him the largest dealer in this line in Maine.

May 11, 1940

Friday evening the annual ‘Physical Exhibition’ that includes the pupils from all of the High School Classes and the Grades of the city schools will take place in Crosby High auditorium. Vincent L. Cohee and Miss Elise Jones the directors in these departments will be in charge and will be assisted by the other teachers. All interested, especially parents, should make an effort to enjoy the interesting programs.

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: Errol Flynn and Miriam Hopkins in Virginia City and Darryl F. Zanuck’s production of The Grapes of Wrath, directed by John Ford.

May 14, 1953

Five Boy Scouts Honored at Lions Court of Honor

Four boys were made Eagle Scouts and a fifth received the highest honor available for an Explorer Scout last Thursday night at a court of honor held by the Belfast Lions Club at the Windsor Hotel. The new Eagle Scouts are Maurice Littlefield, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Littlefield; Jack MacDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MacDonald; Donald Dodge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milford Crosby and Henry Chalmers, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chalmers. Given the Silver Award was David Cassida, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cassida. David is already an Eagle Scout. All boys are members of Troop 37 which was guest of honor at the court of honor.

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: Clark Gable and his captive bride Gene Tierney in Never Let Me Go from M-G-M.