May 29, 1857

Musical Notice.

Pianos and Organs Tuned.

Mr. B. F. Dennis from Chickerings & Hallet & Davis Piano Forte Manufactories in Boston, will remain in Belfast for a few days, to tune and repair Pianos and Organs. Mr. Dennis has recommendations of the highest order from Chickerings & Sons, Hallet & Davis, and Thalburg, the greatest living Pianist. Perfect satisfaction warranted. Orders left at the American House and Washburn's and Caldwell's book stores, will receive prompt attention.

May 30, 1872

The Concert – Those who attended the concert on Wednesday evening of last week enjoyed a rare musical treat. Mrs. Staples has a clear soprano voice, of wonderful sweetness and power, by which the rendering of the gems of song included in the programme was made most effective. The audience testified to this by loud and frequent applause.

The roof of the shoe factory is on and the shingles being rapidly laid. The French roof is a great addition to the appearance of the structure. The foundation of the big chimney is laid outside the building. Workmen are pushing along the inside finish, and the promise to the lessees that they could commence putting in the steam-pipe &c., on the first of June will be made good.

May 31, 1894

The services of Memorial Sunday were held at the Unitarian church, and were attended by one of the largest congregations ever assembled here on a similar occasion. The church was handsomely decorated. Above the altar were draped two large American flags, with the letters 'G. A. R.' in the centre. Smaller flags, shields, bouquets and pots of flowers were tastefully arranged about the pulpit and on the platform, and the front of the gallery, which extends along three sides of the church, was festooned with red, white and blue bunting. At 10:30 o'clock Thomas H. Marshall Post, G. A. R., marched into the church and were given seats reserved for them at the front. There were fifty-six veterans in uniform in the line.

The N. E. Telephone & Telegraph Co. is to build a line from Bar Harbor to Bangor, and thus to Belfast, Camden, Union and Gardiner. Five car loads of poles arrived here last week for the company.

May 30, 1907

Friends of this city will be interested to hear of the engagement, announced at Orono last week, of Miss Joanna Carver Colcord of Searsport, U. of M., ’06, to Mr. George Rogers Tarbox, ’06, formerly of Machias, now of New Britain, Conn. Mr. Tarbox is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and was graduated in mechanical engineering.”

The Muck Pond – It may be news to some of our readers that the city owns the Muck Pond – perhaps we should say Kirby Lake – and quite an area of land surrounding it. The city officials in looking up the matter find that the property was deeded to the city Oct. 13, 1875, and that the transfer was duly recorded. It will be recalled that some time later it was proposed to utilize the Muck Pond as a source of water supply for protection against fire and a pipe was laid from the pond to Mathews Bros’ mill. The result was the draining of the pond in a very short time and the project was abandoned. It is understood that H.P. Farrow, the city surveyor, will be instructed to look up the boundaries with a view to determining the exact location of this city property and defining its ownership in the same.

May 26, 1932

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: The Super-Shocker, based on Edgar Allen Poe's 'Murders in the Rue Morgue' with Bela Lugosi – Sidney Fox.

Final arrangements for the graduation of the seniors of Searsport High School have been made. The graduating exercises will take place Thursday evening, June 2, at 8 o'clock in Union hall. Those to graduate are Matilda Gatchell, Jannette Clark, Dorothy Gatchell, Inez McNelly, Geneva Littlefield, Arline Golding, Hazel Jenkins, Winnifred Howard, Elizabeth Berry, Bertha Staples, Charlotte and Mildred Curtis, and Wilson Rainey.

May 29, 1947

Albert E. Weymouth, Jr., a student at the University of Maine, passed the week-end with his parents here. He has appeared in seven plays on the University of Maine hour over WLBZ, and also appeared in the closing play of the season Wednesday evening at 7:30 o’clock.

Admiral and Mrs. William V. Pratt, who spent the winter in New York City, arrived last week and opened their home on Primrose Hill for the summer.

Playing at the New City Theatre: Hedy Lamarr in Strange Woman, based on Maine author Ben Ames Williams’ famous novel.