Recent Northport Golf Club results:

On Sunday, May 28, in points quota team play, the foursome of Robb Herron, Dick Clements, Scott Benzie and John McKay, as well as Jeff Dutch, Paul Jasienowski, Phil Bowen and Elaine Bielenberg, tied for first at 120; Randy Berry, Steve Stanford, Warren Westbo and Brett Hayward, third at 118; and Jamie Place, Chad Place, Time Riley and Don Pendergast, fourth at 115.

In Class A, Jamie Place finished first gross 75; Randy Berry and Jeff Dutch, tied second gross 77; Alex Carroll, fourth gross 79; Chad Place and Preston Ward, tied fifth gross 82; Paul Jasienowski, first net 66; Rick Cronin, second net 68; Kevin Nickerson, third net 69; Steve Stanford, fourth net 71; and Terry Whitney, fifth net 73.

Pin winners were: Randy Berry, 7-0 on the third hole; Preston Ward, 12-10 on the ninth; Steve Stanford, 16-4 on the 12th; and 18 Jamie Place, 2-9 on the 18th.

In Class B, Scott Benzie finished first gross 88; Clint Condon, second gross 91; Phil Bowen, third gross 96; Frank Field, fourth gross 97; Cecil Eastman, fifth gross 98; Mark Bradstreet and Brett Hayward, tied first net 73; Lee Robinson, third net 77; and Peter Doran and Warren Westbo, tied fourth net 79.

The pin winner was: Scott Benzie, 10-6 on the 18th.

On Wednesday, May 24 in twilight league play, in Class A, John Ellis and Jesse Johnson finished tied for first gross 37; Jake Thompson, third gross 38; Randy Berry, fourth gross 40; Kevin Nickerson, first net 34; Alan Blood and Rick Cronin, tied second net 35; and Charlie Pray, fourth net 37.

The pin winners were: Dick Clements, 20-5 on the third; and  9, Paul Doody, 19-6 on the ninth.

In Class B, Frank Field finished first gross 40; Chad Otis and David Riley, tied second gross 46; Duke Marston, fourth gross 49; Bill Farris, first net 32; Chip Curry, second net 33; Jim Boulier, third net 36; and Greg Dutch, fourth net 37.

The pin winners were: Larry Jones, 9-10 on the third; and Jim Boulier, 23-2 on the ninth.

In scotch foursome play, Terry Whitney and Lisa Desmarteau finished first gross 38; Dan Eaton and Leslie Eaton, first net 31; Jim Boulier and Brenda Boulier, second net 32; Alex Carroll and Shirley Caler, third net 32.5; and Slim Peaslee and Barb Peaslee, fourth net 33.

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