Jeff Sessions is a liar. There, I said it. Sue me, Jeff. I'm betting you won't, for the simple reason that it's true. But if you want to sue me, please, go ahead, I could use the excitement. Not to mention I wouldn't have to worry what to write about for a few weeks.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress, and he should be prosecuted for it just like any other person. We live in a republic form of government in which no one is above the law. Unless your name is Jeff Sessions, apparently. Then you can do whatever you want and get away scot-free. Good gig if you can get it.

Just as with the Comey memo brouhaha, at least some of the media is getting the Sessions lie all wrong. The New York Times, Democracy Now and God knows who else have reported that Sessions “failed to disclose” his Russia meetings in his Senate attorney general confirmation hearings. No. Wrong. That's not what happened. He didn't fail to mention the meetings — he was asked point blank and he lied. Period.

The irony is of course that Sessions is now this country's top law enforcement officer. And he's a scofflaw, defined as one who flouts the law. Sessions lied to Congress. That's a crime. In his attorney general confirmation hearing, Sessions said he hadn't met with Russian officials. That's a lie, and lying to Congress is a crime. Sessions did meet with Russian officials, at least twice that we know of — and now the Washington Post is reporting a third meeting. And now, caught lying, Sessions is backpedaling furiously — he now says he met with the Russians in his capacity as a senator, not as a Trump campaign official.

So in other words it was perfectly normal for then-Sen. Sessions to meet with Russian officials three times in the course of one year? Is that to say then that Sessions met with Russian officials approximately 60 times in his 20 years in the Senate?

So, our country's top law enforcement officer is now an official poster child for white-collar crooks getting off scot-free. And then Sessions has the cojones to restart the war on drugs, and to throw his well-worn Bible at inner-city blacks and lock them up for non-violent, victimless drug offenses. And while we're at it, let's strip them of their voting rights so Sessions' party can stay in power even though it is without question a rather decidedly minority party. Then let's carve black neighborhoods into perverted, grotesque congressional districts, without which abject racists could never become attorney general. And let's drop DOJ support for lawsuits against this rotting, stinking carcass of racism.

But on to more pressing matters. The Trump administration is going to unravel. It is going to slowly implode. The markers are all there. The sheer volume of leaks emanating from this White House makes it less like a leaky boat than a colander. Some of these folks are probably leaving their resumes at the Pennsylvania Avenue Office Depot.

I think the deep state, aka the ruling class, is doing a Russigate drip drip drip on Trump, softening up the public for when they're finally ready to move on Trump.

They're not opposed to Trump tossing 24 million people off health care in order to transfer a trillion dollars upward to the 1 percent, but what they cherish above all is stability, and Trump is the antithesis of stability. The Old Guard knows the State Department cannot organize the empire with the bare-bones skeleton crew imposed by an administration that is either fantastically incompetent or is intentionally trying to destroy government — there is no other explanation for State's anorexic staffing levels.

The deep state never thought Trump would really wreck NATO by design, but he's not — he's wrecking it by incompetence. And memo to Deep State: What German Chancellor Angela Merkl was really saying is do something about this clown or Europe will go it alone. Better a tugboat than a battleship captained by an incompetent.

The deep state is hoping the Russiagate drip drip drip will soften up Trump's base for the inevitable. Less blood in the streets that way.

But first it has to resolve the thorny question of Mike Pence. Does he move into the top slot? Keep the seat warm till 2020 and then hope he goes away quietly like a bad hangover? The problem for Pence — aside from a passing resemblance to Adolf Eichmann — is that if you stand too close to a shaking dog, you too get some of the mud and God knows what else.

Should the ruling class slice the Solomon baby in half — dump Trump and elevate Pence — and hope to appease both sides? Or should it make a clean break and ride out the likely short-lived, but perhaps intense, storm wrought by Trump supporters, many of whom are presumably well-armed? It would be like Atticus Finch and the rabid dog, only it would last a little longer and involve a few more guns. You might want to keep indoors all children and slow-moving pets.

Can they ride out a few days or a few weeks of possible blood in the streets till everyone goes back to Budweiser and Thursday Night Football? I hear Washington's nice in the fall.

Never mind what Comey, Flynn or Trump said or did — that's details. The real question here is this: After 37 years of emasculation at the hands of the born-again, Christian-right crowd, can the old guard still perform? And it seems to me that if you really want to save the republic, send a crate of Viagra to Chuck Schumer to distribute to his august Senate colleagues.

Lawrence Reichard is a first-place Maine Press Association winner, freelance writer and activist living in Belfast.