Finding parking in downtown Belfast, at least official parking, should be easier today than it was several years ago. Through several major public works projects dating to 2015, City Planner Wayne Marshall estimates a net gain of 55 to 60 parking spaces downtown.

The 2015 overhaul of Cross Street, along with sections of Spring and Miller streets, included roughly 26 marked spaces, many of them newly notched into the north side of Belfast Common.

The ongoing reconstruction of Front Street formalized parking at the curb and on a right-of-way next to Front Street Pub. The conversion of a corner lot to a parking lot at Pierce and Bridge streets made the convergence of Armistice Bridge, the Harbor Walk and the new rail trail more accessible by car.

Additionally, the city gained about 16 spaces uptown by widening Church Street and replacing parallel parking spaces there with angled spaces.

Marshall noted that many of these areas had some unmarked curbside parking before the improvements.

"What we really did is we defined parking spaces," he said.