For some, the long days of late spring and early summer mean one — namely, more daylight to stay fit on the run.

Thus, Saturday's event on the city's streets was a perfect way to spend a late afternoon.

The First National Bank "Summer Solstice" 5-kilometer road race/walk took off on June 17 — just four days before the actual summer solstice and the year's longest period of daylight in a 24-hour span.

Keith Drago battled Seth Young to the end of the 3.1-mile race, as he finished first in 17:55, while Young ended seven seconds later in 18:02 for the runner-up spot.

Jala Tooley was the first female finisher in 20:41. She was third overall among 51 runners/walkers.

Amazingly, Art Warren, 82, of Camden ran the Waldoboro Day 5K event in the morning and the solstice event in the afternoon. Several other Midcoast runners did the same thing in the two races on Saturday.

A few ran the race barefoot, including Reade Brower and Theresa Withey. Several mothers also pushed their children in running buggies.

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The annual event was based in and around the First National Bank, 63 Union St. The race began and ended on Limerock Street just up from The Dan Flanagan Community Center.

Prizes were awarded to the fastest male and female finishers and for the runner who finished in the middle of the pack.

This 5K is part of the local holiday 5K race series and organized by the non-profit One Community Many Voices.

One Community Many Voices, OCMV, based in Midcoast Maine, is a scholarship program to give people in need a "hand up," instead of a "hand out." The race is being run in collaboration with the non-profit Go! Malawi, which has organized the race series in the past.

The First National Bank "Summer Solstice" 5K is one of six holiday 5Ks (3.1-mile races) the non-profit organizes. Other remaining 2017 races include the Horch Roofing Labor Day 5K in September and the Trackside Station "Scare Me" 5K in October.

The individual results included: 1, Drago, 17:55.6; 2, Young, 18:02.1; 3, Tooley, 20:41.1; 4, Nathan Bear, 21:04.5; 5, Joshua Hardester, 21:28.6; 6, Withee, 21:50.9; 7, Colin Stewart, 22:47.4; 8, Kyle Weaver, 22:57.6; 9, Erick Halpin, 23:10.9; 10, Rick Elder, 23:18.6; 11, Austin Chilles, 23:21.6; 12, Jim McKenna, 23:23.7; 13, Ronald Stevenson, 23:29.1; 14, Daniel De Oliveira, 23:49.7; 15, Gayle Berretta, 24:21.2; 16, Tom Chester, 24:21.7, 17, Matthew Booth, 24:26.5; 18, Madison Swope, 24:48.3; 19, Veronica Morrison, 25:39.6; 20, Leila Percy, 26:23.3; 21, Josh Callahan, 26:26.5; 22, Susanna Norwood-Burns, 26:29.4; 23, Brower, 26:34.3; 24, Sarah Kennedy, 26:40.3; 25, Katie Chilles, 26:55.6; 26, Seth Thompson, 27:38.9; 27, Sarah Eaton, 28:28.5; 28, Maggie Messengale, 28:42.5; 29, David Tarr, 29:37.7; 30, Christopher Swope, 29:39.7; 31, Ellenore Tarr, 29:40.4; 32, David Stanhope, 29:58.3; 33, Warren, 30:04.7; 34, Lacy Oakes, 30:07.5; 35, Holly Vanorse Spicer, 30:20.9; 36, Karen Letteney, 30:23.8; 37, Peter Pittman, 31:25.3; 38, Paula Herron, 31:36.4; 39, Alicia Costa, 32:17.8; 40, Alexandria Sieja, 32:18.4; 41, Rusty Nickerson, 32:20.2; 42, Hannah Nickerson, 32:21.7; 43, Sybil Mazerolle, 32:46.6; 44, Hannah Percy, 34:14.1; 45, Liz Miller, 34:36.5; 46, Katy Callahan, 36:39.7; 47, Jestine Sawyer, 36:40.0; 48, Candy Hutchinson, 37:02.9; 49, Ellen Spring, 37:29.8; 50, Rebecca Smith, 38:41.6; and 51, Joyce Mohr, 41:24.4.

Supporters were Jen Strazzulla, Chris Strazzulla, Kathy Pierce, Alan Reynolds, Laura Reynolds and Amanda Albee.

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